Sleepy Hollow “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Season 3 episode 5

Sleepy Hollow "Dead Men Tell No Tales" Season 3 episode 5 (3)

The FOX tv show Sleepy Hollow “Dead Men Tell No Tales” Season 3 episode 5 airs Thursday Oct 29 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on FOX. In tonight’s episode, With Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (guest star David Boreanaz) in tow, Abbie and Crane set out to prove that supernatural forces are at play when a mysterious death plagues the FBI. As Pandora unleashes a force to awaken the dangerous Red Coat General Howe, both teams must find a way to save the town from the British Army of the Undead. Can the power of Booth and Brennan combined with Abbie and Crane be enough to stop Pandora’s evil forces? Find out in the special, all-new “Dead Men Tell No Tales” crossover episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Thursday, Oct. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Show Summary: When ICHABOD CRANE (Tom Mison) first awoke from a 250-year slumber, he teamed up with ABBIE MILLS (Nicole Beharie), a “leftenant” on the Sleepy Hollow police force. For two seasons, this unlikely pair of “witnesses” has followed clues from throughout history to try to stave off the apocalypse and save the world, by fighting demons, warlocks, wendigos, the Weeping Lady, the Kindred, a Succubus and the Reavers.

The startling conclusion of Season Two left the duo with a decisive, albeit heartbreaking, victory over evil, as both Katrina Crane (Katia Winter) and Henry Parrish (John Noble) – Crane’s wife and son – were slain. Season Three picks up after a disquieting break in the supernatural action.

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