The Flash “The Fury of the Firestorm” Review (Season 2 Episode 4)

The Flash "The Fury of Firestorm" Season 2 Episode 4 (2)

The Flash had a particularly low-key episode this week, with the struggle to save Dr. Stein – and set up Legend of Tomorrow – taking up the main focus this week. Though I’m hugely fond of the good doctor, this journey made for a fairly slow-paced and uneventful episode, one that wasn’t helped by the ongoing drama of Iris’ mother. But hey, “The Fury of the Firestorm” did give us King Shark!

Though the birth of a new Firestorm was the main focus of the hour, it made for a surprisingly dull proceeding. I’m not the sort of viewer that needs constant action all the time in my superhero shows, but there were one-too-many chats about what was wrong with Stein to make for an exciting hour of TV. Also, despite Henry clearly being set-up as the more villainous of the two potential candidates – the bad guy doesn’t get a pre-credit intro to show how nice he is – they could’ve at least done more with the guy. Honestly, I was half-expecting Henry and Stein to fuse into an evil Firestorm, which would’ve made for a more fun, action-packed hour.

The biggest problem with the main story tonight was simply Caitlin’s role in the proceedings. Her eager belief in Henry Hewitt as the best candidate due to his science background was fine enough, but her adamant rejection of Jefferson just came across as way too cold. Really, it just made her seem snobby and judgmental, disliking the guy just for choosing not to go to college. And while she came around in the end, it still makes for an ugly, unlikable side to the character, one we hopefully won’t see again. In the end, though, Jefferson makes for a solid addition to the growing Arrowverse cast of characters.

Meanwhile, the ongoing Iris drama continued to be a bore, though it was again not a fault of the performances. Instead, it’s just proving to be a depressing, unenjoyable stop during each hour, one that feels like it will inevitably build to a reconnection. It’s also an unnecessarily long-winded way of introducing Wally West, though the promise of his arrival gives some hope for this storyline to improve.

Oh, yeah, and… King Shark!

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