Survivor “Bunking with the Devil” Review (Season 31 Episode 6)

Survivor "Bunking with the Devil" Season 31 Episode 6 (1)

Survivor returned tonight with a very different opening scene than we’re used to, as we go straight to a shot of the Ta Keo tribe in the middle of the night instead of the Bayon tribe, which was immediately strange considering we usually see the tribe that just lost a team member come back in the middle of the night. This was because Jeff was showing up to let him know that his son had been hospitalized and he had to leave the game. This was crappy on all fronts. Poor Terry loves this game and is a huge fan favorite, and it’s awful to see him go, but you also have to wonder what’s going on with his son! It must be that his son had a preexisting condition or something, because you’d think that his first question would be why his son was hospitalized. This was understandably devastating to everybody in the game, as well. It also really hit me pretty hard. My wife is due to have our second child any day now, and I can’t imagine getting that kind of news at any point in my life, let alone while playing Survivor. Just awful.

Thankfully, things picked up quite a bit after the news was broke to the rest of the players. After everybody works through their emotions, Probst tells everyone to drop their buffs and switch up tribes again! I can’t remember if Survivor has ever done two tribe swaps before the merge before, so it’s pretty crazy. While it might make for more drama, it’s starting to get a lot harder to remember who was originally merged with who and who was newly merged and what-not. There have now been three different Bayon tribes, which is just plain confusing.

The reward challenge was awesome. It was so simple in theory, but seeing everybody slip and sliding was tons of fun and there was so many close finishes with those ring tosses! One of my favorite parts had to be all of the girls perving out about Joe oiling up his manly chest.

The immunity challenge was just as fun, although I was definitely surprised to hear Jeff say that this is the 14th time they’ve done this challenge, as I don’t feel like I’ve personally seen that many eating ones before. Apparently Kimmi hasn’t changed her thoughts about eating animal parts since her blowup about the chicken back in season two, so she just let Woo eat brains for about five seconds. However, that wasn’t enough for Woo’s team, and the new Ta Keo was sent to tribal.

I was definitely more than a little surprised that Savage recommended that they tell Spencer they’re voting for Ciera. Why would you put one of your alliance member’s names out there instead of Kelly? She’s not in your alliance! It turns out that alienating Ciera really came back to bite her, since this caused Ciera to talk to Kass and give Spencer a heads up and they shot for Woo instead. Woo seems like a super nice and easygoing guy, but I never thought he had much chance of winning the game, so he had to go at some point.

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Random Thoughts:

– Watching Stephen Fishbach running is my new favorite thing.

– How nice for them to give Terry Deeds a little video to shoot with his son!

Survivor, stop trying to make “Chaos Kass” happen! It’s NOT going to happen!