Criminal Minds “The Night Watch” Review (Season 11, Episode 5)

Criminal Minds "The Night Watch" Season 11 Episode 5 (5)

Criminal Minds returned tonight with “The Night Watch”, as a Banksy rip-off appears to be killing people in Detroit. The opening scene was definitely different and unique. I can’t say I’ve seen somebody killed by a giant mousetrap, and I’m not 100% sure how that thing even killed the guy, but it was still a pretty cool way to kick off the episode.

The next scene was not quite as cool, as we are unceremoniously introduced to Tara’s boyfriend. We’ve heard her mention Doug before, and we knew they were having issues, but we’d never even seen the guy before! I guess he’s played by (or was played by) Rob Kirkland, but it appears he’s already leaving the show before we even get to know him! This scene also really didn’t paint Tara in a very good light. First of all, she’s just sitting in her car listening to old tapes of her interviews. She could have easily just come home and maybe listen to the interviews in her headphones, or in her study, then at least she would be home and would be able to be near her husband while she works. Secondly, after getting dumped, she heads to the office and brags about “going on a diet” and losing 185 pounds. You didn’t go on a diet, Tara! You were dumped! It seems like the guy made the right choice!

Anyway, the Unsub escalated into kidnapping a baby, which is not what I wanted to watch right now. My wife is due to have our second child on November 6th, so it hit both of us a little too close to home to see that baby taken straight from the nursery! Despite the subject matter being a little tough for me, I did appreciate the whole episode having a very eerie style to it. The lighting was also very Everything from the giant mousetrap to the guy tied to the gingerbread man was all very well done, and big props to Thomas Gibson AKA Hotch for directing this episode. This is the fifth episode he’s directed, but first this season, and it appears that his directing load has increased recently since all five episodes were in the last two years.

The “twist” that Morpheus was actually a woman was a little frustrating. I’m a little annoyed at “this masked person is actually a girl” being used as a twist. I know they might think they’re being progressive and inclusive when they do it, but instead it just comes off as offensive. It’s like they’re saying “Hey look, girls can do things too!” when we all know that women are totally capable of doing anything men can do. When you point it out like that and act like it’s a huge deal, it just reinforces the stereotype even more.

Anyway, in the end Tara really does “choose” her serial killers over Doug. I’m fine with her picking her career over her relationship. That’s fine. It’s just frustrating that she clearly didn’t put much effort into her relationship, then got dumped, and then bragged about losing her significant other. Maybe Doug will come back into her life, but for right now I’m not really a fan of her.

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Random Thoughts:

– Between Gibson, Gubler, and Mantegna, they’ve directed 16 episodes of this show! Gubler’s done half of them! Get one of the girls behind the camera, CBS! Get Garcia to direct one!

– I always feel bad when babies are crying on a TV show. They’re not acting! They’re actually sad! I just want someone to pick them up!

– The Unsub and his wife falling onto the coffins was pretty cool.