Switched at Birth “And Always Searching for Beauty” Review (Season 4, Episode 20) [Fall Finale]


There sure was plenty of story going on in the fall finale of Switched at Birth on ABC Family last night. In fact, where do I even start?

Okay, let’s take a look at what was happening with Regina now that John and Katheryn learned the truth about Eric. To say that the Kennish’s were pissed would be an understatement. John gave Regina an ultimatum, stating that she either contact the police or he would. Instead of seeing the man she loves carted off to jail, Regina came up with the idea that Eric and Will needed to return to Atlanta will Hope, doing what was best for Will by having both of his parents in his life. I can’t say that I agreed with her plan, but for a short time, it seemed like their only alternative.

Sadly, that all fell by the wayside when Will snuck away from his mother, ending up back at Regina’s house because he not only wanted to say goodbye to her, but he also wanted to tell his dad that he didn’t want to go back to Atlanta. What was Eric’s decision then…to run yet again!

That wasn’t such a bad idea given the fact that the cops broke down the front door of the Kennish home, looking for him; but at some point all of that deception will come back to haunt Eric and I have a feeling it will catch up with Regina too.

Then there was Bay, who was getting a chance – at the tender age of 19 – to have her very first art show at a real gallery. She was obviously upset that the gallery owner didn’t seem to know who she was let alone intend to help with food or pricing; but when she learned the truth behind her being able to have that showing – Travis paid for it all – well, everything hit the fan at that point.

I can’t really blame Bay for being as upset as she was because she truly thought she was getting a great, not to mention rare) opportunity to showcase her new artwork at such a young age. But, that being said, it was also sweet that Travis would do that for her – misguided though he was with the intention. In the end, he finally expressed his feelings towards her – and how about that kiss?!

I also liked that Bay and Emmett finally had a calm, heart-to-heart conversation about everything that happened between them and all the bad things that happened to her over the past year. It was not only time for them to mend fences but to also move on.

As for Daphne, she was really hoping to land a 6-week internship in China for the same organization that had her, Travis, Emmett and Bay going to Mexico over spring break. The same trip where she met Quinn, the guy who kissed her despite her having a boyfriend. Quinn ended up being the one to interview her for the internship rather than Gabe, Melody’s fiancé; and he, of course, gave her the internship. But when it was clear that Daphne was devoted to her boyfriend Mingo, Quinn basically fired her.

It’s my opinion if she had gone to China with Quinn, that her relationship with Mingo would have ended for sure; but ironically they decided to take a break for the summer, allowing Daphne to head off on her own China adventure with “sister” Bay in tow. That adventure, as it turned out, lasted 10 months. I don’t know how well I like these time jumps, but something serious obviously happened when Bay (who is working at a tattoo parlor, what?!) got a disturbing phone call from back home that caused her to run to Daphne, who is working at a local clinic.

What happened? Did something bad happen to new baby Carlton who was born at the end of the episode before the time jump? Did something happen to one of their other family members? Thankfully we’ll get a chance to learn what happened because ‘Switched at Birth’ will be back for its 5th season in 2016 on ABC Family, or actually Freeform, which is the new name the network will take in the new year.

Katie Leclerc as Daphne Vasquez
Vanessa Marano as Bay Kennish
Sean Berdy as Emmett Bledsoe
Lucas Grabeel as Toby Kennish
Constance Marie as Regina Vasquez
Lea Thompson as Katheryn Kennish
D. W. Moffatt as John Kennish

Guest stars:
Adam Hagenbuch as Mingo
Kim Hawthorne as Hope Paxton
Dan J. Johnson as Quinn
Sam Page as Craig Tebbe
Ryan Lane as Travis Barnes
Rachel Shenton as Lily Summers
Terrell Tilford as Eric Bishop
Marlee Matlin as Melody Bledsoe