Scorpion “Tech, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll” Review (Season 2 Episode 6)

Scorpion "Tech, Drugs, and Rock 'N Roll" Season 2 Episode 6 (3)

After a slight fumble last week on a seemingly can’t miss concept- how are you gonna sideline Sly in a “Super Fun Guy”-themed episode? – “Scorpion” was back on track with the excellent expanded episode “Tech, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Serving as a lead-out to the premiere of “Supergirl,” the episode was action-packed, fun and gave everyone a chance to shine in what could double as a sort of updated “Die Hard” homage, with Walter in the John McClane role- or should I say “John McCain”? Lol.

The plotline revolved around the opening of a so-called “smart building” funded and created by Walter’s mentor Richard Elia (Andy Buckley), which the team were hired to regulate the tech in. Unfortunately, the tech was on the pricey side, which ended up causing Elia to triple the tech budget and slash funding on the biometrics end, which didn’t go over too well with the head of said department, Dan Smaisle (Corey Brill, “The Walking Dead”).

As revenge, Smaisle downloaded a virus into the system designed to cause issues that would make the Scorpion team look bad, but ended up causing any number of life-endangering scenarios for the people trapped inside when the system went haywire. The doors locked, various fires started, and all manners of risky situation emerged, causing near-total chaos. Just as bad, Walter blamed himself for the problem, as he had gone out to blow off some steam and ended up getting drunk and passing out, which caused him to be in a less-than-ideal state of mind the morning after. But was that a coincidence?

As it turned out, Smaisle hired a comely vixen named Stella (Alex Frnka, “The In-Betweeners”) to seduce and drug Walter, so that he could sabotage Walter’s laptop and subsequently unknowingly download the virus to the system himself. That meant that the virus could be traced back to him directly, but, at the same time, Smaisle made a number of iffy mistakes which compounded the situation. For one thing, he hired the girl in question from a dating website which Cabe was able to trace back to her, then Smaisle sent an anonymous email accusing Walter of the situation which likewise was traced back to Smaisle.

However, the bigger mistake was that Smaisle had the tech activator embedded in his arm and stuck around the scene of his crime, which caused the virus to reload even after Walter and company managed to reboot the system. Had he fled the scene, this wouldn’t have happened, and the danger everyone was in wouldn’t have been quite as severe. Instead, Smaisle tried to help out by monitoring the situation from outside, which only made things worse.

Scorpion "Tech, Drugs, and Rock 'N Roll" Season 2 Episode 6 (2)

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like anyone was seriously injured in the process, though many were in extreme danger throughout the situation at hand, and both Sly and Toby very nearly died in the process. Actually, technically Toby did die! At one point, Walter, for the greater good, had to reboot the servers, which sucked the oxygen out of the room Toby was in, in the process, rendering him out of breath and causing him to pass out. Thankfully, Happy was around to give him CPR or this episode would have had a decidedly unhappy ending.

As for Sly, I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t have been terrified in his particular situation, which required him to quite literally take a leap of faith and jump down a series of solar panels outside the building as if they were a staircase of sorts. At one heart-pounding moment, the one he was standing on caved in and he fell through mid-air, only saving himself by landing on the one below. (Not sure about the likelihood of any of these panels being sturdy enough to hold Sly up in the first place, least of all after a flying leap, but I digress.)

Also during this part, Walter made an ill-advised last-ditch effort to save some kids trapped with Sly by jumping out of a window in the high-rise building on onto a ladder held by a rescue team’s helicopter, in order to secure it and get it to Sly and the kids. Obviously, all concerned lived to tell the tale, but it was pretty nerve-racking to watch, that’s for sure.

Granted, on some level, we know the show isn’t likely to kill off any of the main characters, but it didn’t change the fact that the episode was just well-staged enough to make you forget about the possibility. Besides, you never know, in today’s kill-happy TV atmosphere if they might actually go there or not. Thankfully, they didn’t, but it was all pretty pulse-pounding nonetheless. I’d have to say the end result was one of the better episodes of the show all around. It’s hard not to be a little skeptical when shows do this whole “super-sized” thing, which can just as easily back-fire as succeed, but I thought the show pulled it off, with nary a dull moment in sight.

Although, that said, when you got rid of all the plentiful commercials, the end result was maybe an hour and some change, all told, so we really only gained about fifteen minutes, give or take a few, which is kind of ridiculous. This is the reason a lot of people end up watching this stuff online or DVR-ing it to watch later so that they can skip the commercials. I know they have ways to calculate those sorts of things now, but it still doesn’t change the fact that there were way too many commercials in this thing for anyone’s liking.

Still, that’s almost to be expected, and didn’t really damper my overall enjoyment of the episode, especially since I was one of the ones who watched it later on and was able to skip all the commercials entirely, so aside from the minor inconvenience, it really wasn’t that big of a deal. That said, you could be forgiven for expecting there would be a lot of filler in the episode, but in actuality, that wasn’t the case. Unlike most episodes, the wrap-up was pretty quick and efficient, and there wasn’t the typical after-the-case-was-solved sequences telling us what happened in the aftermath of the latest case back at Scorpion HQ. We just got a brief sequence at the building outside in which the various characters talked and that was about it.

Scorpion "Tech, Drugs, and Rock 'N Roll" Season 2 Episode 6 (5)

Somewhat ironically, though, this was an episode in which we actually could have used a little more of that sort of thing. For instance, Toby was awfully cavalier about Walter nearly killing him at one point. I’d have thought, with all the training at hand lately, that he would have decked Walter for his actions, as well-intended as they might have been- and he would have deserved it, at that. Instead, Toby was the one who ended up getting punched! By the object of his affection, no less, Happy, which had to add insult to injury. Oh well.

I also thought for sure that Sly would end up replacing that kid’s “Super Fun Guy” comic that he lost in the fire, but that didn’t happen either. Although we did get a funny bit of business early on in which Sly was presented with a “comic super-dor” for the storage of said comics, built by Happy. I also got a kick out of Paige in jealous girlfriend mode, despite the fact that she and Walter aren’t even a couple yet. (Best line was hers, I thought, when she and Cabe were trying to track down Stella: “Maybe we can get a two-cent tracking dog that specializes in finding sluts.” Meow!)

I also liked that Walter ultimately didn’t let the experience keep him from continuing to interact with people and at least try and have fun, when, at the end of the episode, he begrudgingly agreed to go out with Ray for drinks- though he did compromise enough to say that he was going to be forgoing drinks this time around, understandably, after what he went through. That said, though, the team really need to sit Walter down and talk to him about some of the iffier risks he’s been taking as of late, especially the ones that end up putting his so-called friends in danger. I get that in this case he had to think on his feet and the whole situation was emotionally-charged because of the part he played in it, but still.

All in all, though, it was a fantastic episode, even if you had to overlook certain faults in logic here and there, as per usual. For instance, it was more than a little dubious that Paige was able to hack into that secretary’s computer, based on a few pictures of her dog, and I’m not sure about the whole putting out a fire via one’s iPod thing is something one could do, even if the idea was neat. But I’ll take that sort of thing over the sort of lazy plotting we had last week any day of the week. At least this episode had a pretty cool plot going for it that wasn’t a repeat of something earlier in the season.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you also consider it an upgrade from last week? Or are you more forgiving of the inconsistencies, as long as the show is entertaining? What did you think of the whole “expanded” episode thing? Would you like to see more of that, or was it just a ploy to grab some ratings that didn’t really warrant being extended? Sound off down below and see you next week!