Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “4,722 Hours” Review (Season 3 Episode 5)

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D "4,722 Hours" Season 3 Episode 5 (2)

Everyone once in a while you watch something on TV that is truly special and unique. This has been happening more and more in recent years due to the golden age of television we’re living in, and all of the incredible offerings on display across basic cable, pay cable, and streaming options. However, the network TV scene has been a bit stagnant for years now. There are good shows on the big five channels, for sure, but usually you’re gonna get the same medical or legal dramas and you can go a long time without seeing something you’ve never seen before.

That’s what made tonight’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD so wonderful. Not only was “4,722 hours” one of the best episodes of this series, but it was one of the best episodes of TV I’ve seen all year and a star making performance for the hugely talented Elizabeth Henstridge.

If this was the kind of show that got any kind of award or Emmy recognition, then Henstridge would surely be a shoe-in for a nomination. As it is, we simply have to watch her incredible showing tonight and enjoy it for what it is. Jemma has long since been the most emotionally developed and best characters on this show, and it appears that the writers at Agents of SHIELD have become well aware of that. There have been times over the course of this series when they didn’t seem quite sure what they had on their hands, mainly sidelining Henstridge into the role of fast-talking sciencey girl, but now she’s really come into her own.

The story here was great, too, as we find out that the reason that Jemma wants to go back is to rescue her hunky astronaut boyfriend Will. At first I was really excited that they were showing the self restraint to keep these two just friends for so long without falling in love, but then after almost three months together they finally hooked up and I was still happy! Even though it was only around 45 minutes of airtime, it still felt earned because they didn’t fall for each other right away. If I’d been stranded on a deserted planet for 14 years and a woman as beautiful as Elizabeth Henstridge gets teleported there, I don’t think I’d be able to show that kind of restraint!

I’m glad that we had the mystery answered so quickly about why Jemma wants to go back to that desolate planet, but now there’s even more questions to be answered. What was that shadowy figure that was getting into people’s heads? Was it something alien? Maybe something Supernatural? Was it really just her and Will going crazy? Also, what did Will really shoot at the end there? We heard the bullet fired, but we didn’t see a dead body or anything.

My only real complaint had to do with something that had nothing to do with the episode itself or the performances, it was just the title. I really wished they had titled it something other than the number of hours, because I always knew how much time she had left on the planet. When they were trying to catch that portal on the other side of the canyon, I knew they wouldn’t make it because there was still 1,000 hours left in their sentence! Ah well, when that’s your only complaint you know they did something right.

What did you guys think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– It was a little weird that Jemma was so doubtful about the evil being that Will was talking about. I know that she’s all science all the time, but she’s seen so many crazy alien things with SHIELD. There’s obviously a chance there’s something evil actually at work here.

– How many times have we seen people in isolation on movies or TV shows keeping around a gun with one bullet left?

– Did anybody else think Will looked distractingly like a bearded Chris Evans at times?