Gotham “By Fire” Review (Season 2 Episode 6)

Gotham Firefly

And the crazy continues! Though not quite as unhinged as last week, “Gotham” still managed to keep things loopy in “By Fire,” thanks to the Firefly’s continued antics, several deaths- including an “accidental” one- plus, strap-on appendages to boot. (Watch your back, Ash J. Williams.) Not to mention a female slave auction! Truly, this is not your father’s Batman show.

After killing Garrett, a member of Gordon’s Strike Force, last week, Brigit “Firefly” Pike (Michelle Veintimilla) knew the heat was on for real, and that she needed to get out of town sooner than later. Enter Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova), her one true pal, for an assist. Kyle suggested they hit up the aforementioned slavery auction for some quick cash on the fly, which they succeeded in, despite some dubious circumstances.

Seriously, no one in that huge crowd had a gun? IRL, those girls might have taken out a few people here and there, if need be, but surely someone would have taken them out in short order as well, possibly even before it went that far. I mean, there were a lot of people there to have given up so easily, and I find it hard to believe there wasn’t at least some security to put a stop to it, even if everyone else was frisked and forced to give up their weapons before entering the premises. But I guess we wouldn’t have a plot if either of the girls were caught/killed, so we’ll let it slide.

Anyway, get away with it they did, and Brigit was all set to leave when her nasty brothers returned and abducted her, taking her share of the money in the process and handcuffing her to a radiator while they hashed things out. She finally agreed to rejoin the team and help them in further heists, only to fire up the old flamethrower shortly thereafter and take both of her brothers out. Hell hath no fury like a woman forced into slavery.

To her credit, after having some reservations about not helping the women at said auction, she returned a second time and did just that, though this time Gordon and company were waiting for her, with Selina having helped the former out, in hopes of saving her friend’s life in the process. Alas, it did no good, as the Firefly would not go quietly, going on the offensive with the cops and firing up one of their cars. However, one cop got off a shot into her tank, which caused gas to leak on her and the flamethrower to set her on fire by accident.

You would have thought she’d be a goner, but the show ended with her being wheeled into a secret lab at Indian Hill, a Wayne Enterprises-owned facility, apparently still hanging in there. According to the orderlies bringing her in, her fireproof suit fused to her body, saving her in the process. There, she apparently joins the other “monsters,” as yet unidentified, though we got a brief look at a guy with bandages on his face and an attractive woman in a cat-suit type get-up.

Couldn’t say for sure who either was, but here’s a theory: what if the cat-suit woman was Selina’s mother? If so, that might be where she gets the suit in question. Also, her cooperation with Gordon ended poorly, so she might be headed for the dark side sooner than later. As it stands, she’s keeping even more dubious company than usual and now she hates cops even more than she used to, so there you go. Hey, this season is subtitled “Rise of the Villains,” after all, so why not Catwoman?

Gotham 2

Other developments: Galavan took Butch on, with Tabitha attaching a hammer to his stump! The mention of a chainsaw appendage might well have been an in-joke about the aforementioned “Evil Dead” series, the TV version of which premieres this Saturday. Either way, his tenure was short-lived, as he was caught by Galavan sneaking a look at the surveillance of Penguin’s mother and given the boot after being roughed-up. Or was he, really? Is it possible Galavan himself (or his sister) reverse-engineered the brainwashing to go after Penguin from the inside, just as he did to Galavan? We shall see.

Meanwhile, Bruce continued his training with Alfred and went to dinner at Galavan’s, in order to see Silver St. Cloud again, who he’s clearly quite smitten with, and who might well be brain washed herself. Also, Ed hooked up with Kris Kringle, but then blew it by confessing he had killed Ted, her ex. She freaked out and he covered her mouth, only to “accidentally” kill her. Whoops! That’s going to be a tougher one to explain at work, to say the least!

That was really about it, but it was plenty, IMHO. The more out there this show is, the more I love it, and this one was pretty crazy. What did you think of the latest episode of “Gotham”? Were you sad to see Firefly’s reign seemingly ending prematurely, albeit likely only temporarily? Any predictions for what’s next? Sound off below and see you next week!