Season Three of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Worth the Wait!

Henry, Jack, Phryne, Dot, Hugh, Bert, Cec, Dr. Mac - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

At the beginning of October, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries premiered its third season in the United States. My local PBS-UK channel has so far shown four episodes of the eight episode season. We waited a year and a half for this third season, and it was well worth it – although I would have been much happier if it were thirteen episodes like each of the first two seasons and also if the hiatus were shorter.

Nonetheless, I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth over this! When my friend first suggested I watch this program, it took me a while to actually start. Once I did, I could not get enough and listed my top five reasons why you should watch here: 5 Reasons You Should Watch Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

While all of those reasons still hold true, I would like to give you some more reasons to become excited about season three. I will be including information gleaned from watching the first two episodes of the third season, so if you are spoiler sensitive, you might want to bookmark this article and come back later. Besides being available on some local PBS stations and affiliates, the DVDs of all three seasons are available and the program is also streamed on Acorn TV.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
is produced in Australia, so of course our friends down under saw the third season first, back in May and June of 2015. That explains why the third season DVDs are available. The US premiere was Oct. 2, 2015.

Lots of Familiar Faces

Phryne, Dot, Cec, Bert - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Those of you that have seen the first two seasons will recognize many familiar faces returning in the third season. Almost all the main characters are back. Phryne, Jack, Hugh, Dottie, Dr. Mac, Mr. Butler, Bert, and Cec are there to bring their unique skills to help solve the crime at hand. Aunt Prudence is also back. Dr. Mac plays a larger role as medical examiner for the cases.

For the missing, Jane is gone. While she played an important role in the first season, there seemed to be less for her to do in the second season, and so it is understandable that she is not back for the third.

Unafraid to Push Boundaries

Dr. Mac, Jack and Phryne - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

While Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is set in the 1920s, it continues to deal with social issues that resonate with a modern audience. Very prominent in this program is the issue of women’s rights, which is still a continuing concern in our nation. Despite all the progress made in the nearly 50 years since the founding of NOW in June of 1966, much work remains. Phryne is a free spirit with a fiercely independent streak, a woman who determines her own path while always challenging the norms of society.

Other societal problems incorporated include human trafficking, class divisions, and stereotyping, to name a few.

New Character

Henry and Phryne - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

In the third season, Phryne’s dad makes an appearance and we learn more about what he is like and why he is estranged from his family. He apparently has money problems, and sold the family estate back in England. He has come to Phryne asking for money. And, it is clear that he certainly knows how to get under Phryne’s skin!

Hugh and Dot

Hugh and Dot - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Hugh and Dot are moving forward with their plans to marry, but of course there are a few snags they need to work out. The biggest problem to their potential union is that Dot likes working for Miss Fisher, and since this program is set in the 1920s, the expectation is that once she marries she will no longer work outside the home.

Dot is clearly being influenced by Phryne’s independent spirit, but also deeply loves Hugh. For his part, Hugh thoroughly loves Dot and is struggling to accept the fact he has fallen for a smart, independent and determined woman. These two make such a cute couple, and in my mind they will be able to work out their differences, but it is interesting watching them find the path that works for them both!

Phryne and Jack

Jack and Phryne - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Of course, what is Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries without the delicate dance between Jack and Phryne? The slow burn between them can be agonizing, but the will-they-or-won’t-they anticipation is delicious, I promise!

The larger question is, can Phryne actually live tied to just one man? She certainly enjoys her independent status, and she certainly would not be willing to change her ways for Jack, but they do make a fun team to watch!


Have you been watching the third season of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? What do you like about it? Do you wish it had more episodes? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!