The Walking Dead “Thank You” Review (Season 6 Episode 3)

The Walking Dead "Thank You" Season 6 Episode 3 (2)

With all the mayhem and brutality on last week’s The Walking Dead, part of me was wondering if they would dial it back a bit for tonight’s installment. That was definitely not the case, as “Thank You” was even more savage in many ways compared to last week’s already harrowing episode.

As exciting as last week was, it also had the distinction of being a very rare Rick-free episode of The Walking Dead. Only the second episode ever, I believe, after the Beth centric episodes from last season. It was nice to see him return at the top of the hour, along with the rest of his zombie herd crew, but then he ran up ahead of the rest of the group so he could get back first. I wasn’t quite sure why he felt like he had to do that. I know he’s got kids back there and stuff, but the others have wives and loved ones as well, so I don’t know why he wouldn’t try to ensure their safety and help them back and be able to return with a full crew!

Of course, his parting words to Glenn and Michonne were that some of the group wouldn’t make it, and that was definitely the case. Most of the episode had to do with the other Alexandrian nobodies having their characters developed just enough so that when they inevitably died you would be kinda sad about it. All of this, of course, led up to the BIG possible character death that we should get to.

I’ve put it off for long enough, but we’ve got to address it now: Is Glenn Rhee actually dead?! It certainly looked like he was being torn apart at the end there, but there’s quite a few reasons to believe this might be a red herring. First of all, it looked like the intestines being pulled out there were being taken from his chest, which wouldn’t really check out anatomy wise, so it’s possible that the devoured body on top of him is that of Nicholas. Second, why would the writers waste all this time trying to redeem Nicholas if he was just going to wuss out and kill himself in the end, dooming Glenn in the process? He already tried to kill Glenn before, and now he basically did it again? No, I don’t buy it. After having a brief redemption arc, apparently Nicholas thought the best way to redeem himself was to shoot himself in the head and somehow protect Glenn. I don’t know how he thought he would guarantee Glenn’s safety once he did this, or that he would magically fall right on top of Glenn, but there you go. There is a slight possibility that Glenn survives by having Nicholas’ body on top of his and then Nicholas’ guts will cover Glenn up so the walkers are no longer interested in him.

However, this doesn’t check out for multiple reasons. First, Glenn’s face was totally exposed (and screaming), so wouldn’t a walker go straight for that? Also, what’s to stop them from just eating through Nicholas and going right on through to Glenn underneath? Second, I thought you had to cover yourself in walker guts in order for them not to sniff you out. So if he gets covered in Nicholas’ guts, that wouldn’t work, right?

It looks like they’re in a lose-lose situation here. If Glenn really is dead, then the whole Nicholas storyline was a bust and it was a pretty anticlimactic death for a longstanding and beloved character. If he’s alive, the odds of that happening are so small that there’s no way they could really explain that satisfactorily. I for one hope that they save him, though. They’re really due for one bogus character save. I thought that Tyreese was going to pull through, and he didn’t. They’ve taken out major characters left and right without flinching, so saving Glenn would be totally earned with me. Sure, their explanations may be fishy, but I’ll accept it simply because I love his character. Plus, you can’t kill off both of the guys that had wives back at home!

The cliffhanger with Rick in the motorhome and the walker herd on top of him was pretty great, especially because he seems to have injured his hand. I didn’t really see this happen, but is he concerned that he’s been infected? Or is it simply a cut from that broken knife? Either way, the dude is in bad shape, and it looks like next week is a Morgan flashback episode! Can’t wait to see this storyline pick back up!

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Random Thoughts:

– The timeline of the episode seemed a little off. How did Morgan seem to get home so quickly last week but now it takes Rick and the group an entire episode to cover the same distance? Rick even used a motorhome for part of the way?

– Were we supposed to know who that guy was that the walkers were feeding on on the road when Rick ran up? He had a bunch of weapons and stuff, so it’s difficult to believe that it was just a nobody.

– Man, they were checking the boxes of the horror movie red shirt extras. There was the guy who accidentally shot someone in panic, the girl with the sprained ankle, the guy with the loved one back home, etc.