The Good Wife “Taxed” Review (Season 7 Episode 4)

The Good Wife "Taxed" Season 7 Episode 4 (2)

On a week when everybody is losing their mind about “Back to the Future Day” on October 19th, it was sure nice to see Michael J. Fox back on The Good Wife tonight. He was all over the place this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, interviews, and promotional videos, and now he’s doing some great physical comedy to kick off “Taxed.” It’s of course very sad to see Fox so physically deteriorated compared to back in the 80s, but at least he’s willing to make light of it for the sake of comedy!

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Alicia working small cases in the bond court this season, but it’s turned into a treasure trove of great characters and funny little cases. After seeing six years of cases with mostly rich people in suits arguing their cases in shiny courtrooms, it’s nice to see the complete opposite end of the legal system’s spectrum. I like how dark and grimy it is in there, with all of the attorneys talking to their gross clients through the dirty glass. I’m also absolutely loving Christopher MacDonald’s performance as Judge Schakowsky. I was afraid that his bribe last week was going to be the end of his character development, but this was an even better episode for him. I really got to understand his character a lot more, and appreciate the importance of his role and that he’s not just being cranky and difficult on purpose.

It’s a little tiring seeing “Saint Alicia” coming back out, though. You would think that she’d learned by now not to step on other people’s toes and make such a big deal out of all of these small cases. Lucca really hit the nail on the head when she said Alicia cares too much, but it’s nothing that she hasn’t heard before! Either get yourself in check or just go completely in the opposite direction. Just own the fact that you hog all the cases and care too much, but don’t become all apologetic when somebody calls you out on your BS.

It’s been great seeing Eli pull all the strings behind the scenes these past few episodes, but it was wonderful seeing that Ruth definitely knows what she’s doing as well. We’ve seen Eli take down many lesser foes over the years, so it was important for the audience to see that Ruth is Eli’s equal in many ways. I’m sure Eli will take her down eventually, but it might not be as easy as he thought!

After taking a back seat for the first few episodes, Diane Lockhart came out swinging tonight in a huge episode for her. This was the best showcase for her character and for Christine Baranski, and it was all over the hot button issue of physician assisted suicides. Peter Gallagher was introduced as Ethan Carver, the proxy for RD. I don’t know if this was going to be the issue just for this episode, or if Diane will have to argue on future cases. It’s a huge issue, but we’ll see!

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Random Thoughts:

– Why did Peter say he’s running for the most “powerful office in the world”? Isn’t he going for Vice President? Isn’t that…like…the second most powerful office in the world?

– No Howard Lyman this week?! Boo!

– I’m a little surprised that Alicia wasn’t angry with Jason for withholding his background before she hired him. That’s some pretty serious stuff to just sweep under the rug!