Da Vinci’s Demon’s Season 3 Premiere Review


At least this season will give us closure. Before the announcement at the end of July that Season 3 would be the last of Da Vinci’s Demons I already had a nagging feeling. One, no premiere date had been announced yet. This was odd considering Season 1 premiered in April and 2 in March. And two, it seems that Starz original programming never passes a third season (the only exception being Spartacus; and one of those four seasons was a prequel).** Put those both together, and bam, the show is done. I do think it is unfortunate that Starz is taking a very lackadaisical approach regarding the end of the show, but they obviously have other priorities now.

**Outlander will definitely break that trend**

With that all in mind, this review covers the premiere only. I know all 10 episodes were made available On Demand. I have only seen the first though. In mid-December I’ll be back with my thoughts on the finale/season as a whole.

So… Leo blew his mama up. I was not expecting that and honestly thought he would stop the cannon. Granted, I’m not sold on her being dead. Yes, she was floating in the water, and swimming with those chains on is probably impossible, but it would be sloppy storytelling to eliminate the character after our protagonist had spent 2 seasons searching for her. That would be a very No Country for Old Men approach, sure. Da Vinci’s Demons is not Cormac McCarthy though (or George R. R. Martin). Leo’s search for his mom was the equivalent of a procedural arc doing the same. Monk found Trudy’s killer, Jane discovered Red John, Beckett tracked down her mother’s murderer, etc. All has me believe Leo’s mom will make another appearance, even if it’s just one. If she doesn’t, I’d be disappointed, but also more shocked the writers had the balls to go that route.

I will also be very surprised if the writers have Leo following in the steps of the Sons of Mithras. Knowing their actual goals now makes them come across like the League of Shadows. And like Batman, I don’t see Leo buying into the whole “lets kill thousands of innocents to start over the world/make it better.” For one thing, Lucrezia is obviously not fond of the plan, and she’s one of the grayer characters presented. My hope is that Leo will somehow find a middle ground. The Labyrinth wants to stifle innovation. Alessandro is selfish in his own personal goals. The Sons of Mithras may have the right idea but not in the execution. Innovation will come, and it can’t be stopped. Da Vinci is a clear example of that. Lorenzo fosters it. Verrocchio did too. And instead of trying to control enlightenment, the Sons of Mithras need to realize it must happen organically. Leo is the perfect person to help them understand that.**

**There are of course the parallels of the Sons of Mithras to the Freemasons. As far as I know of though, da Vinci was not a Mason. And the Labyrinth’s goal for a crusade is similar to the Knights Templar.**

Along with the Ottoman Empire, the Labyrinth and Alessandro will also have to be dealt with. It seems the latter will fold into the former as a result of Riario. Upfront I’ll say I’m personally not a fan of Riario being on the opposing side again. A conflicted Riario is just so much more interesting, and the sojourn to South America last season was some of Blake Ritson’s best work. Either Riario gets his redemption or he won’t. And Game of Thrones really needs to employ Ritson at some point.** In fact, GoT has already added on James Faulkner for Season 6. Here, his Francesco and Alessandro are the aspect of this season I’m most interested in. Pope Sixtus IV died in 1484. I doubt Alessandro will make it out of the season alive. And I think Francesco will end up choosing Lucrezia over the Sons of Mithras. Whether he also dies… I’m not sure about. Either way, the look he gave as she rode away makes me think Leo could possibly sway him to find a middle ground.

**He would have made a great Euron Greyjoy, but alas, that part is now filled.**

I haven’t even mentioned Lorenzo, Clarice, Vanessa, Nico, and Zo yet. Short sentence on each. Lorenzo almost begging Leo to find a way out felt like a regression to his character (especially considering what he had to go through last season against Alfonso). It also wouldn’t surprise me if he nabs another mistress- aka something I don’t look forward to. Clarice is hunting Carlo while having the Labyrinth after her. I hope this gives more for Lara Pulver to do (something she deserves), and yet worry for Clarice at the same time. Zo will most likely continue to be on the side of Leo (which just feels like a waste of Gregg Chillin). Vanessa and Nico will be an interesting faction to watch considering her son with Giuliano becomes Pope Clement VII. And we all know who Nico becomes.

There will be a lot of ground to cover regarding the season as a whole, and I’m curious to see how it all wraps up. See you again in mid-December!