The Amazing Race “King of the Jungle” Review (Season 27 Episode 5)

The Amazing Race "King of the Jungle" Season 27 Episode 5 (2)

The Amazing Race really threw me off tonight when they kicked off “King of the Jungle” in a much different fashion than usual. I actually usually fast forward through the first three minutes because I don’t need to see all of last week’s scenes and the credit sequence, but this one started with just a few short scenes then it went straight into new stuff! This was since last week’s episode was really crappy and absolutely nothing happened, and we finally got to find out who got the extra Express Pass.

Team Alabama happily accepts their Express Pass, and it turns out that giving it to these guys was probably the smartest thing those boys have done. Team Alabama checked in to the mat in third place and they were still third place after using their Express Pass! Fat lot of good that did them! They eventually did work their way up to a first place finish, but it was more because of better fruit balancing skills.

Justin and Tanner are lucky they made that good decision, because they seem to be in a pattern of talking themselves up and then underperforming. They’re always acting like they’re so strong and capable but then they either pull their hamstring, suck at rowing a canoe, or making terrible strategic decisions.

Speaking of sucking, let’s talk about Chris the paparazzi. Wow, that guy’s a mess. Not only did he only want to donate $20 to the orphans, but they made one mistake by accidentally leaving the Road Block and the guy had a complete meltdown. Then he wanted to leave the crocodile Detour for no good reason. This guy has to be one of the most emotionally unstable racer in history. Logan was being pretty short with him, but he totally had it coming. Even though they didn’t go this leg, I can’t see them lasting much longer.

I feel like quite a lot of the teams this season are pretty weak. Nobody is failing anymore because of a difficult challenge or because of getting lost in the confusing geography, but because it seems like everybody is refusing to read their clue! It’s so annoying for people to either misread their clues or not finish reading them. The track stars deserved to go home for not even reading the whole darn clue!

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Random Thoughts:

– I was wondering if any teams were going to be horrible enough to not donate all of their money to the orphanage, and it was very appropriate that it was the paparazzi that only donated around 10% of his money. By the way, I didn’t realize these two were actually romantically involved. Totally thought that dude was gay.

– How do we know those teams weren’t in any danger in that canoe? That didn’t seem totally safe. In fact, this whole leg was pretty dangerous. Between bungie jumping, rowing with the deadly creatures, and diving with the crocs, this was some scary stuff! They must have to sign some crazy waivers in order to play this game.

– I loved Phil’s face when he sees the track stars jumping the gun and trying to get to the mat too early.