The Flash “Family of Rogues” Review (Season 2 Episode 3)

The Flash "Family of Rogues" Season 2 Episode 3 (15)

Following a brief cameo appearance in the season premiere, “Family of Rogues” gave us our first Captain Cold episode of the season. And if one Snart wasn’t enough reason to celebrate, this episode was a full-on family affair, with the return of Lisa and the introduction of the pair’s villainous father Louis. The main story of this episode of The Flash was perhaps the best yet this season, only weighed down by a dull, murky B-plot.

Let’s get to the episode’s weakness right away. While I think that there’s room to explore Iris’ relationship with her mother on the show, the set-up for it was one of the show’s major missteps in my mind. Though well-acted by Candice Patton and Jesse L. Martin, the cop with marital troubles is such a cliché, and one that’s already been explored over on Arrow.

Admittedly, Joe’s troubles are different from Quentin’s, but my bigger problem is that revealing Joe has been lying to Iris for so long recolors his entire mindset in season one. He says he’s regretted the decision for years, and yet he kept another huge secret from her just last year. Whatever the case, with this unfortunate set-up out of the way, hopefully the show can give us better material when Iris actually meets her mother.

Other than all that, though? This episode was golden, both in quality and in terms of which character stole the show. In her appearances last season, Peyton List’s Golden Glider never came across as more than a hammy villain, failing to find the humanity in Lisa Snart that Wentworth Miller gave to Captain Cold. However, this time out, List took her performance to another level. When forced to remember the horrors of her childhood, her snarky attitude and confidence melted away, letting her show how much she truly loves her brother and wants to protect him.

Her chemistry with Cisco was another plus, with their flirtations from last season blossoming into legitimate trust and admiration for one another. It’s not the sort of couple I would’ve imagined myself cheering for, but I can’t wait to see Cisco and Lisa share the screen again. I’ll throw similar praise at the Barry/Patty pairing, as the two have an effortless screen chemistry that’s sure to be explored further soon.

Finally, the main heist at the end of the episode was fun, giving Barry a chance to play his slightly-exaggerated idea of a criminal. It was a bit of a stretch that he could enter all those passcodes without some sort of system lockout or alarm going off, but it made for yet another creative use of Barry’s super speed.

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