Survivor “A Snake in the Grass” Review (Season 31 Episode 5)

Survivor "A Snake in the Grass" Season 31 Episode 5 (1)

Survivor returned tonight with our first look at the new Angkor tribe, as the smallest tribe in the game made their way back to camp in “A Snake in the Grass”. Abi seems to be having some second thoughts about getting rid of Varner, but it did crack me up hearing her say that she hates it when people owe her stuff. Something tells me that she actually loves that in real life.

It’s very rare that we get any footage on Survivor anymore of the teams actually…surviving. It used to be in the early seasons of this show that we used to see tons of footage of the teams actually learning how to live off the land, but the show has veered away from that for the last decade or so. That’s why it was such a surprise to see the ladies of the Bayon tribe out hunting out “clamming and crabbing”. It’s always neat to get a little more specifics on how exactly these people are surviving out there. Of course, they were really just showing this stuff to us so we could see the brewing drama between Monica and Kimmi. I personally do agree with Kimmi on this topic. She might have been blowing Monica’s argument out of proportion saying they wouldn’t deplete the entire ocean, while Monica was just talking about depleting their beach, but Monica was still being silly. You might merge very soon and not even be at that beach! Or, you might vote people out, and have less mouths to feed! Live it up! Some people are struggling to find any food, and you’re concerned about eating too much?!

The reward challenge was a fun one, and I really like this idea of finding challenges from seasons past that some of the contestants have already played before. I was surprised that none of the players seemed dizzy after getting out of that spinning barrel, but it was definitely a cool visual.

One of the best scenes came between challenges, when Woo shared the very emotional story about his mom. Woo was a guy who had very little meaningful screen time in his season, and was really just painted as the brainless surfer dude. It’s great that a player as likable and easygoing as him has the chance to come back and play a little harder and hopefully make it further.

That’s why it was even more frustrating when Abi comes in and ruins it! Making fun of Woo’s story was just terrible, even for her. I do know that people can sometimes use sympathy as strategy, but the guy was clearly upset and was pouring his heart out to these people. To not only doubt him like that, but then compare his mom’s heart transplant to your knee surgery is just crappy.

Bayon loses the challenge, and their pre-tribal scramble was going to be pretty straight forward. Bayon had four members, and they had a choice between voting out either Spencer or Kelly. But then, Monica comes out of nowhere and says that she wants to keep the “girls strong”. I know that she was the one bragging about girl power and being a hunter and gatherer at the top of the episode, but sometimes these girls alliances can be so misguided. They get so blinded by the ideal of girl power and feminism that they end up shooting themselves in the foot. If your most strategic and smartest play is to stick with other female members, then that’s fine. If it’s clear that they don’t like you and don’t want to work with you, which Kimmi was being very clear about, then maybe don’t bring it up!

Unfortunately she did not learn that in time, and she was the victim of a juicy blindside! Great episode, can’t wait for next week!

Random Thoughts:

– I love the little stats that Jeff drops before each repeat challenge, saying which players have already participated in them in the past. My question is: it appears that everybody who has played them before lost. Are they only picking old challenges that these players have lost?

– How great is that “ka-whoosh” sound that those slingshots make?!

– I love that deer in the headlights look a player gets when they see their name pop up unexpectedly. Monica had a great one tonight!