Criminal Minds “Outlaw” Review (Season 11 Episode 4)

Criminal Minds "Outlaw" Season 11 Episode 4 (1)

Criminal Minds returned tonight with “Outlaw”, as some brutal killings are committed in Las Vegas. It might have been easier for the team to find footage or witnesses if it was the more popular Las Vegas, but apparently there’s another Vegas in New Mexico! Who knew?

Well, apparently the team knew about it, because there was extremely similar killings six years ago from apparently the same Unsubs. These aren’t just regular killings, either. These were incredibly brutal killings of teenagers, and the sixteen year old girl was sexually assaulted in front of the other two victims! That was pretty gnarly stuff! On top of that, there was some pretty explicit drug use here. Criminal Minds has never been a show for kids, but I know quite a few teens that watch it, and I don’t think I’d be comfortable letting them watch this one. As weird as it is, I think most would be more comfortable with all of the violence and not the sexual assault and drug abuse.

Anyway, the cast of this one was pretty good. I was very happy to see Emily Rios back on my TV as Mason’s put-upon baby momma Tammy. She seems like such a nice girl, and I just want to see her with a nice man and with no crystal meth involved! Instead she’s with Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad and now this guy!

It was also nice to see Benito Martinez from The Shield again, and also playing a cop! It was an interesting choice to give him a little storyline of his own and make him an alcoholic. They don’t usually give any backgrounds or character flaws to any of these local officers, so it was a little odd for this to come out of left field. He wasn’t even acting drunk and it didn’t seem to be affecting his duties at all, so it didn’t really make a lot of sense. I guess they got a guest actor like Martinez and didn’t want him to play the usual sounding board that we usually get so they wanted to beef up the role a bit.

The actual resolution for the episode was a bit of a letdown. As crazy as Lester was, his death was really anticlimactic. It also ended very abruptly, with the team attending a funeral (do they usually do that?) and we didn’t get the typical plane ride and banter on the way home. Not that I’m against the idea of them changing it up, but it all fell a bit flat for me.

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Random Thoughts:

– For some reason it cracked me up that Lester was pointing his gun at all of the pill bottles at the pharmacy.

– There was a lot of really beautiful shots of the southern California hillsides tonight. Seeing those guys riding their bikes through those vistas really gave this episode a Sons of Anarchy vibe. Hey, they even had Benito Martinez in the episode!

– No philosophical quote to close the episode? That’s new!