Switched at Birth “A Mad Tea Party” Review (Season 4, Episode 19)

Switched at Birth "A Mad Tea Party" Season 4 Episode 19 (1)

It was quite a baby shower for Lily Summers on Switched at Birth last night, wasn’t it? The very expectant mother is not only dealing with swollen feet that won’t fit into any of her shoes but also the regular stresses and worries that plague any expectant mother (not that I would know from personal experience, of course).

One of Lily’s worries – having to tell her boss Melody that she is going back to London – was put to the side because Melody was out of town; or so Lily thought until she saw her superior at the party. It was the moment of truth for the young woman, having to tell Melody her plans. That encounter was made even more difficult when Bay – the baby’s very excited aunt, who can’t wait to finger paint with the little guy and show him all the great hiding spots in his grandparent’s house – learned via Lily and Melody’s ASL conversation that she and Toby are leaving.

It would seem that Bay was the last to learn of that impending departure not to mention the real circumstances behind Eric’s life with his son Will. That came into sharper focus when Will’s real mother Hope – the woman who had commissioned Bay to do a portrait of her – took Will while Bay was acting as a pseudo sitter for the day, allowing Regina to get Lily’s baby shower properly organized.

I have to say this: did I somehow miss the explanation on how in the world Hope figured out where Eric and Will were after all this time? I mean I get it that there was a reason Hope was shown a few episodes back when Regina and Daphne made the bad decision to go to Atlanta to track her down; it was inevitable that she would show up in Kansas. But I still want to know HOW she (as a character) put it all together, tracking them down.

We may have gotten an explanation about Hope turning state’s evidence against her second husband Jared (the drug dealer) and wanted to start a new life not only free of Jared but also getting her son back; but still no explanation on how she figured out that Regina was her key to Eric and Will. Maybe I’m beating a dead horse, but curious minds want to know.

Back to the story…

Lily’s baby shower went well (for the most part) until the opening of the gifts. Viewers know that the baby has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, but some of the guests at the party were not aware. There was a very tense scene between Katheryn and Professor Marillo (who had told Daphne earlier in the episode that she should rethink her idea of becoming a doctor – more on that shortly). It was perhaps this disagreement that opened Lily’s eyes even more to just how supportive the Kennish family will be of her and the baby. I have my doubts it will be enough to make her want to stay, though, but it will hopefully give her pause.

And back to Daphne…she had asked Professor Marillo for help in getting one of the many summer internship for which she applied, but the professor said no, insisting that Daphne has already been struggling through the basics in her medical pursuit, suggesting that it will only get harder. Daphne doubted herself for a short time until her biological mother’s impassioned speech against the professor, which spurred her to tell Marillo that she “is going to do it, I am going to be a doctor!”

Kudos to Daphne for her determination; and how about her running into Sharee as part of the catering crew for the baby shower. As it turned out, Sharee dropped out of college – feeling like too much of an outsider at the university with no real support. Filled with enough determination for both of them Daphne tried to convince Sharee to apply to UMKC – where she and several of the other kids from their deaf high school are attending. We shall see next week if Sharee makes that move.

There will be plenty to see next week as the show comes to a head – i.e., it’s fall finale – with the birth of Toby and Lily’s baby, an inevitable showdown between Eric and his ex-wife Hope over young son Will, and Regina getting run through the ringer by the Kennish’s because of harboring fugitive Eric.

It’s going to be an explosive fall finale next Monday, October 26 on ABC Family at 8/7c. Don’t miss it.

Katie Leclerc as Daphne Vasquez
Vanessa Marano as Bay Kennish
Sean Berdy as Emmett Bledsoe
Lucas Grabeel as Toby Kennish
Constance Marie as Regina Vasquez
Lea Thompson as Katheryn Kennish
D. W. Moffatt as John Kennish

Guest stars:
Bianca Bethune as Sharee Gifford
Kim Hawthorne as Hope Paxton
Rachel Shenton as Lily Summers
Terrell Tilford as Eric Bishop
Bess Armstrong as Professor Marillo
Marlee Matlin as Melody Bledsoe