Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Devils You Know” Review (Season 3 Episode 4)

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D "Devils You Know" Season 3 Episode 4 (1)

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD returned tonight with “Devils You Know”, as the team’s hunt for Lash and Hunter/May’s hunt for Ward both intensify.

After taking the last week off, Lash returned with a vengeance in the really cool opening scene. I like that they’ve been trying to keep up the mystery and the intrigue of who exactly this guy is, but part of me kinda wished things would slow down so we could get a good look at Matthew Willig’s makeup job. Thankfully tonight we got a better look in that car crash scene, but it was still in really poor lighting! We did get a much better look at his portal power, though. When we first saw him use it back in the hospital it looked like it was a portal to a totally different place, but it turns out he just burned a hole in the wall. It’s not quite as cool anymore, but whatever.

We also learned that he can transform into a regular looking person as well. I don’t know if he can do this at will, or if it just happens automatically after he’s killed someone. It’s also unclear whether the human version of Lash will be played by Matthew Willig sans makeup, or if it will be a totally different character. Maybe it’s a character we already know? If that’s the case, my money is on that Banks guy. He did run ahead of the van, right? Maybe that’s why!

Lash wasn’t the only monster our guys were hunting down, though, as Hunter is continuing his reckless revenge-fueled search for Ward. I was glad that May actually verbalized the biggest problem with this ridiculous plan, which is that as soon as Ward sees this guy he’ll know who he is. I know that Ward is letting Kebo recruit these guys, but wouldn’t it make sense to at least show Ward some pictures of the new recruits so he can at least tell him if he knows them or not?

It’s clear that Hunter just doesn’t care how bad his plan is or who he hurts along the way, which was clearly evidenced by his willingness to apparently sacrifice Andrew just for a shot at killing Ward. I have a hard time believing that Andrew’s really dead. This is the Marvel Universe, after all. It would be a bummer for his character to die off screen like a chump.

The less action packed stuff was also great tonight, as Elizabeth Henstridge continues to do incredible work. Gemma was trying to keep her secret about building a new portal and trying to go back from Fitz, but it looks like she’s going to spill the beans next week and we’re actually going to have an episode dedicated to her time on that alien planet! Henstridge has been on fire this season so far, so I can’t wait to see an episode all about her!

What did you guys think of the episode? Do you really think Andrew is dead? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– Why did Alex say that Dr. Garner was a “tough man to track down”? What does that mean? Doesn’t he like…teach classes at a public university? I’m sure you could just Google him and find him within minutes!

– I’m officially getting really annoyed with Bobbi still being stuck in the lab! She looks healthy to me!

– As sad as I would be if Andrew died, wouldn’t it be great if they actually went through with it! How cold hearted of Hunter!