Castle “The Nose” Review (Season 8 Episode 5)

Castle S8 E4

It doesn’t look like Kate is coming home anytime soon, as we learned in last night’s episode of Castle entitled “The Nose.” In an awkward scene at the precinct Kate tells Castle that she needs to stop by and get the rest of her things. The moment played out quickly, but was one of the more important scenes of the night as it is a strong indication of just how this season of Castle will most likely play out; Rick will continue to chase Kate by involving himself in the precinct’s cases while Kate will continue to push him away. As some point Castle is going to get sick of all of the chasing, prompting Kate to realize how much she loves him. It’s all too predictable, but the angst and the cat and mouse game is still fun to watch.

On to this week’s case….

A rare work of art is missing with the transporter of the piece (a smelly nail polish remover wearing man) dead. In what was one of the funniest episodes so far this season, the gang’s lead in the case is a woman by the name of Mia, a reluctant witness with a miserable disposition due to her heightened sense of smell. She dislikes being around people for obvious reasons.

When she deals with Esposito and Ryan, the two are highly insulted by her accusations that they smell. Kate steps in to give it a try and gets nowhere as well. But Castle comes to the rescue once again after he gives the suspect a ride home to her apartment. It’s there that Castle gets to talking to the eccentric woman who has a lot more information to offer about the dead guy. In order to get her to the precinct to get a look at the suspect line-up, Castle farts in her apartment. Ok, ok, it was immature, but hilarious! After a line-up involving sniffing, not seeing, the gang was back to square one.

After catching a lead, the unimaginable happens…Esposito gets shot in the butt by Ryan during a chase for a suspect. Yes, it’s like watching the three stooges, minus one. The gang does eventually catch their killer with the episode’s tone quickly changing from funny to serious as we also find out that Espo made sergeant, but Kevin didn’t. We also saw Kate get her things from Castle’s. Watching her take in the scent from one of Rick’s shirts is a clear sign that she’s still in love with him just like Mia said.

3 Responses

  1. Bella

    I’m seriously annoyed by this trumped-up separation. It colors my enjoyment of the rest of the show. Castle is no longer “must watch live.” I know watch it when I get around to it or if the reviews make an episode sound interesting. I still have 2 episodes on my DVR I haven’t gotten around to watching yet.

    • Buddy

      Bella, speaking of watching on the DVR I own seasons 1-7 on DVD but I do not know why because I can watch the episodes for free on TNT. The way season 8 is going I will not buy the DVD, it will not count as viewer support in surveys and will therefore hasten the demise of the series. Do I care? I might if they would get Caskett together again and quit using and abusing me as a fan. I went through 7 years getting Casket together and married and they separate them in less than 6 months and I am supposed to enjoy this start over again mentality. Not me!!!

  2. Buddy

    I wish they would quit with these so called “fun” episodes. They are just filler material to keep us hoping for an early resolution of Beckett’s problem. But, they cannot write any new material on the case work to find Bracken’s partner and they are saying it has to be handled stealthily and that way they feel like they cannot tell us anything because we will give away their efforts. Get real this is fiction and we couldn’t tell the characters anything if we had to.