Castle “The Nose” Season 8 Episode 6

Castle "The Nose" Season 8 Episode 6 (6)

The ABC tv show Castle “The Nose” Season 8 Episode 6 airs Monday, Oct 19 2015 10:00-11:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC. In tonight’s episode, When a priceless work of art is stolen and its transporter murdered, Castle and Beckett must work with the key witness to track down the painting and sniff out the killer. With special guest star Stephnie Weir (“MADtv,” “The Comedians”).

Show Summary: Richard Castle — the devastatingly handsome and fun-loving mystery novelist — first connected with the NYPD when he helped solve a series of murders ripped from the pages of his famous Derek Storm novels. Suffering from writer’s block, Castle found a new muse in the beautiful and intelligent NYPD Detective Kate Beckett.

Using his friendship with the mayor to weasel his way into shadowing her, their partnership inspired Castle to write a new series of novels, Nikki Heat. Teaming Castle’s writer intuition and Beckett’s creative detective work, they’ve spent seven years solving homicides in New York, including the murder that started it all, Beckett’s mother. And, of course, reluctantly falling in love.

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