The Good Wife “Cooked” Review (Season 6 Episode 3)

The Good Wife "Cooked" Season 7 Episode 3 (2)

The Good Wife returned tonight with “Cooked”, as Alicia takes on the FBI and a cooking show, and the Lockhart Agos crew is still taking on Howard Lyman!

I am so excited that Lyman is still sticking around for a bit. When he had that sit down with Cary last week I was afraid that would be putting an end to his storyline, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. In fact, the episode began with an extreme closeup of Howard’s face, as he waits to speak to Alicia about starting an ageism suit against his firm! This was a fun idea, and it resulted in yet another classic Howard line when he asked Cary to repeat what he just said exactly as he said it. It was a little lame that David overheard him talking to Alicia right before he told her he wanted to drop the suit. It was just sloppy writing that he only heard the absolute worst part of the conversation and didn’t get the context. It felt like a scene right out of “Three’s Company” or a lesser written show.

What a fun idea to have Howard and Jackie together, too! It’s a great excuse to have Mary Beth Peil back on the program as Jackie Florrick, but it seems to be bringing out the best in Howard also! He’s pulling in big clients and he’s laughing about it with his new muse! Who’d have thunk that this would have been the couple I would be rooting for the most on this show?!

Alicia’s case of the week started out a bit slow, but it certainly picked up at the end. It was a little hard to believe that Alicia would make such a bit blunder and actually tell this guy to bend the truth as much as she did. Alicia has always been so honest on this show, almost to a fault, but she knew this guy had set out to make something different than GHB and she was telling him to say the complete opposite! He had just told her about his brother overdosing and all that, so clearly he knew what he was doing.

I loved the swerve in her case, though. Judge Schakowsky has been a lot of fun in these first few episodes, so it was a great twist that he was the one being targeted by the FBI. It really helped raise the importance of this case, and I loved seeing Eli Gold at his Eli Goldiest as he warned the judge, but then asked for him to help out with Landau. We still don’t know what Alicia’s deal with Landau is going to mean, but I’m sure that will pop up soon!

It’s not very often that I actually enjoyed the case of the week more than the actual character’s storylines, but that was definitely the case tonight! I’m definitely feeling a little bit of deja vu with yet another campaign storyline, so I’m hoping the cases will continue to be interesting enough to make up for it.

What did you guys think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I wonder if Graham Phillips’ Zach will be coming back for a few episodes anytime soon since the campaign will be focusing on the Florrick family.

– I loved that Schakowsky was talking about golf right before that guy bribed him. Christopher McDonald’s still probably best known for his role as Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore, so you have to imagine that line was an inside joke.

– The door slamming in to Eli’s desk is my new favorite recurring visual gag on the show.