Continuum “Final Hour” Review (Season 4 Episode 6)


There was never really a totally happy ending for Kiera. She’s had one goal since Continuum‘s pilot episode – get back home to her time, her family and her old life – but her experiences in present day irrevocably changed her, and that vision of her perfect reality just got further and further away as she saved more and more lives.

But any final season of the show had to end with her getting what she wanted, because that’s what we’ve all been waiting for these last four years. As much as she’s done to change the future for the better, it was time to let her be selfish and finally get back to Sam. But then this is Continuum, and things are rarely that clean cut.

Surprising and innovative until the very end, that perfect happy ending was cruelly taken away, the rug pulled out from under Kiera right when she thought her story was over.

These six episodes have been the show at it’s most exciting and focused, and that tight pacing really helped the finale get through the emotional goodbyes and necessary plot mechanics without the episode ever feeling false. It correctly identified what we’ve cared about and who we need to see (Emily and Julian, for example, are absent), capping it all off with a final sequence that’s both the perfect bookend and a gut-wrenching cliffhanger.

How she got there isn’t really that important, all things considered, with the inevitable time portal allowing both Kiera and Kellogg to get their respective comeuppances. While Kellogg ended where he began, taking care of number one, he did effectively save the world at the same time. I can’t think of a better ending for the character, especially after we realize his arrogance played one last joke on him, sending him to prehistoric times.

And there was relatively little bloodshed, with only Dillon meeting his maker during the final showdown. Carlos, Alec, Garza, Brad, Emily and Julian all survived to build a better future, a pleasingly optimistic thought that positively undercuts the otherwise dispiriting look at 2077.

It’s ironic really that, by saving the world, Kiera screwed herself over. The naive, unwavering belief that she could one day pick up where she left off in her own time really never made sense, as soon as you think about it for longer than a second, and that quiet acceptance of her ultimate fate shows that Kiera also understands the trade-off. As Alec says, it’s the price of love. She created a better world for her son, but now she can’t be a part of it.

To have the final shot of this wonderful series be Kiera and Alec, standing together as she takes in the emotional enormity of what stands before her, is utterly perfect.

Continuum really was a rarity on television – smart, brave and politically minded yet all wrapped up in a fun sci-fi package that deserved more love and deserved more viewers. It was never perfect but, for the people who’ve followed Kiera on her journey these last four years, it was something exceptional.

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