The Originals “You Hung the Moon” Review (Season 3 Episode 2)

The Originals "You Hung the Moon" Season 3 Episode 2 (11)

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the search for Hayley continued, while Davina used her for her own nefarious devices. Meanwhile, Cami realized that newcomer Lucien Castle (Andrew Lees) was most likely the serial killer the cops were currently looking for and Elijah tried to puzzle out whether or not the latest impending threat was a valid one or not, in “You Hung the Moon.”

Perhaps to be expected, this episode was mostly about doing a little bookkeeping, dotting those “I’s” and crossing those “T’s” in preparation of what was to come, while at the same time wrapping up some lingering storylines from last season, namely the whole Hayley, Jackson and their werewolf crew being in a reverse transformation loop in which they are only human during a full moon and a wolf the rest of the time.

To that end, the show, as it is wont to do, neatly took care of things in a two birds-one stone fashion, which I definitely mean as a compliment. Indeed, one of my favorite things about this show is how oft-economical it is. There might be an overarching plotline of some kind more often than not, but the show is good about wrapping up the more minor storylines in a much more efficient manner, which is really appreciated.

All too often, I’ll see a show drag things out way too much, in an effort to fill up some episodes, which only results in prolonging the inevitable, if you ask me, and is more annoying than entertaining. “The Originals” is not that kind of show, and thank God for that, because one of the primary offenders precedes it. Granted, “The Originals” is the younger of the shows, and yes, a spin-off of “The Vampire Diaries,” so it wouldn’t exist without it, but that’s still no excuse for prolonging the inevitable. Whatever the case, the show could learn a thing or two from this one.

Even though a lot of what went on here was essentially set-up, it didn’t feel that way, thanks to adept pacing, a fair amount of action, and some decent plot twists. I mean, a lot of ground was covered here. We discovered that Castle was the one behind the werewolf genocide activities, courtesy of Kingmaker Land Development. If you read my review last week, you know I already suspected Castle as being the one behind that, so good on them for not dragging out that reveal.

Even better, Castle not only readily admitted it, he was unapologetic. He also wasn’t one to have to kowtow to typical Original demands, managing to be self-sufficient enough to handle a werewolf bite without resorting to caving to Klaus’ terms. That makes me wonder if he isn’t telling the truth about the whole there being another white oak stake out there, and it’s entirely possible he might well have it. (If not him, it’s gotta be Tristan, right?)

Furthermore, Lucien didn’t even deny being the serial killer to boot, so that’s another pseudo-mystery dealt with and moved on from, at least in terms of the “who.” Check and mate- birds meet stone. Nor did the show stop there, moving on and through the whole Davina/Hayley threat with similar speed and precision.

The Originals "You Hung the Moon" Season 3 Episode 2 (7)

Davina knew exactly who her threat was in Kara, so she sought out help against her, not from the vampires, as her fellow witches would suspect- and did- but from the werewolves, specifically Hayley. In exchange for killing her foe, Davina promised Hayley she’d reverse the curse Klaus inflicted upon them- and was as good as her word, though she cut it pretty close admittedly. This was due to the hesitance on the part of Celeste Dubois, the witch she called upon the help of to help defeat the curse, being as how it was she who first came up with the curse. In the end, Dubois came through and gave Hayley the extra wherewithal to not only take out Kara, but a host of other witches, making it look like a vampire attack in the process.

However, in doing so, though she eliminated the competition, she might have created more, as the son of one of the fallen witches wasn’t too amused by the situation, and explicitly called out Davina as having something to do with it, and vowing to get to the bottom of the situation and prove it was her doing. Not sure how he’s gonna do that, especially as it appears to be a vampire’s doing, but you never know. Either way, it solved her immediate problem, so at least she can rest easier in the short-term. But yeah, more power, more problems, no doubt about that. This is where Vincent’s advice might have come in handy, so hopefully he’ll step up for the next crisis- and you know there will be one.

With Hayley’s curse lifted- along with the rest of her people- naturally, her first stop was Klaus’ place, where she demanded her daughter back, and swiftly set about trying to beat Klaus into submission in an admittedly impressive display of fighting prowess. Even more impressive was the fact that somehow Klaus managed to keep from fighting back and killing her with a flick of the wrist, which we all know he’s more than capable of. In the end, with an assist from Elijah, she got her kid back, along with a place across the street, so that Klaus could keep an eye on them- literally. As in their apartment was quite literally across the street from Klaus’ place and he could see directly into their place!

The Originals "You Hung the Moon" Season 3 Episode 2 (6)

One of the more unexpected developments, however, was that the detective on the serial killer case, Will Kinney (Jason Dohring), though he agreed with Cami’s theory that Castle was the likely killer, went to some pretty shady lengths to get said information from her, including breaking into her place and stealing her laptop to go through her personal files! The surprising part, though, was that he suspected that Cami herself was part of the problem, suggesting that her and her family had been behind more than a few of the murders and missing persons case over the years, and not just the one committed by her brother, which was fairly common knowledge.

In other words, he made it clear that he didn’t trust her, and that he thought she was up to something- something potentially involving Klaus. Of course, this line of reasoning is probably not going to end well for him- and not because of Cami, obviously. Klaus might be covering for his friend up until this point, but it’s clear that his patience is wearing thin there, so he probably wouldn’t care if Lucien was busted for the crimes at hand. But if Kinney comes after Cami, and, by extension, him? Yeah, that’s not going to end well…for Kinney.

Speaking of which, we got a little more info on the supposed prophecy that Castle’s medium gave Klaus a taste of in the premiere. Freya, using the blood of said medium, which was still in Klaus’ system, cast a spell that allowed her a closer look at the prophecy. According to her, what the medium said was true, as far as she could tell, but with a little more than she told Klaus at the time. According to Freya, all three Originals would die, “one by friend, one by foe, and one by family.” We shall see if that proves to be true, but I’m guessing it won’t be true in all cases, or we wouldn’t have a show, so there’s that.

The Originals "You Hung the Moon" Season 3 Episode 2 (3)

So, prediction time: I think it’s most likely that Klaus be the one to be taken out by family, given how much he tends to antagonize them, so that’s a fairly easy one, but the others are trickier to predict. I’m tempted to say that Rebekah will be the one to be taken out by a friend- possibly even Davina, for failing to help her resurrect her brother, Kol, even if it’s in a “heat of the moment” type of situation. Davina isn’t exactly known for her reserve, so I can totally see that happening. That leaves Elijah to fall by his “foe,” which I’d guess could be Tristan, who we got a glimpse of at the end of the episode, as he drugged his sister to make her more complacent and manageable, while he headed to New Orleans, obviously to take a stab at one of the Originals.

That’s all I got for now, until I know more, but I might change up my choices as more information becomes available. Until then, this was a solid enough episode, with a nice balance of action and intriguing storylines. Yes, there was a certain element of setting things up for the future, but the show was also dealing with stuff that was happening both currently and resolving things that happened in the past, so it’s not as if it were all set-up and no forward momentum. IMHO, it was a really enjoyable episode that bodes well for the future- whatever that future might be for all concerned.

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Do you like where things are headed, plot-wise? What did you think of the way the whole Hayley/werewolf curse thing was settled? How about that smack-down she laid on Klaus? What did you make of Davina’s actions? Was it for the best, or will her actions come back to haunt her? What did you make of the prophecy? Any predictions on that end? What do you make of Lucien, Tristan and Aurora? Worthy foes, or more worthy of a snooze? Sound off down below in the comments section, and see you next week!