The Amazing Race “Good Old Fashioned Spit in the Face” Review (Season 27 Episode 4)

The Amazing Race "Good Old Fashioned Spit In The Face" Season 27 Episode 4 (2)

The Amazing Race returned tonight with the lengthily titled “Good Old Fashioned Spit in the Face”, as the teams finally board a plane out of the country after staying local in the last leg. Before we got started, though, we see Tanner and Josh offering the news anchors a deal that if they U-Turn Justin and Diana, they get the Express Pass in return! Seems like a pretty good deal, and really not so much of a sacrifice for Tanner and Josh since they have to get rid of that thing anyway. Apparently the other teams all got the same deal, because they all mentioned it at the airport to the others. It’s really surprising that Justin and Diana represent such a huge threat to everybody that literally everyone is on board with this plan. There’s not even one person saying “Hey you know what, maybe they aren’t that bad.” I guess it’s a combination of being a threat and Justin being super annoying.

Anyway, the teams all make their way to Zambia in two flights, only separated by 15 minutes. Tanner and Josh seemed hell bent on using that dang Express Pass, which I hate to admit Justin was totally right about. Why on earth would you burn an Express Pass when you’re already in first place and it’s a super easy Road Block?! It would have just taken them a few minutes to have an enjoyable view of the falls and then they still would have had a lead! You could have passed the potentially much harder Detour instead!

It’s also obnoxious that the terrible Double U-Turn rules that the Race has in place made it so unthreatening to Justin and Diana. It should work so that a team that gets U-turned has to turn around right away and complete the other side of the Detour, but they’re able to just U-turn somebody else behind them and basically guarantee that they won’t be going home that leg. It’s totally silly and it takes all of the pain out of being U-turned.

It ended up really biting them in the butt when they passed the easy Road Block only to find out they had to wait until the next morning to try the Detours! Totally dumb move, and I bet they felt pretty dumb, too!

The Detours were OK, but I don’t know who on earth would pick that Wood one over Croquet. I can only assume that the people who picked Wood had NO idea what Croquet is, or how simple and straight forward of a game it is. It looked like it was just a matter of time to beat those pros, and nobody was having a hard time with it.

All in all this episode was a bit of a let down. Tanner and Josh made a dumb move, the Double U-turn is still handled terribly, and there was zero pay-off to this episode at all. Nobody was U-turned, and the majority of the teams are still doing their Detours, and Tanner and Josh didn’t even choose who they’re giving their Express Pass to! Nobody even checked in! So basically, Tanner and Josh blew their Express Pass, and that’s all that happened in this leg. Lame.

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Random Thoughts:

– As annoying as Justin is, I did at least appreciate how little he reacted to the spit-in-the-face blessing. He just kept on dancing through it and didn’t even flinch! Denise, on the other hand, looked pissed! Or maybe that’s just what she looks like.

– It was funny hearing all of the animal sound effects tonight. Even though the elephants and hippos were hundreds of feet below that microlight, and those monkeys were walking around outside the taxi, you still heard them all like they were right next to the camera!

– Man, those Zambian taxi drivers really know their stuff! Usually you get the feeling that the local cabbies are totally clueless, but these guys knew where everything was! They were even trying to save the track stars from themselves!