The Vampire Diaries “Never Let Me Go” Review (Season 7 Episode 2)

The Vampire Diaries "Never Let Me Go" Season 7 Episode 2 (9)

On the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” we got another glimpse into the future while also getting a better idea of why Damon ended up so far away from Mystic Falls in the aptly-titled “Never Let Me Go.” We started three years in the future, where it would appear that Caroline was working as a TV news producer or possibly a director.

Whatever it was, she and her assistant ended up both getting stakes in them at the end of the episode, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what that was all about later on. At the very least, it shows us that Caroline is alive and kicking up until three years from now, so she obviously eventually gets out of her current predicament.

To that end, Caroline was kidnapped and held hostage by Lily and her heretics as retaliation for Damon’s killing of Malcolm, one of said heretics, even though it was actually Bonnie and Damon who did it and Caroline and Stefan had nothing to do with it. Naturally, Stefan wasn’t thrilled about this development, what with his having brokered the deal to save the people of Mystic Falls by evacuating everyone from it in exchange for letting Lily and company attack anyone foolhardy enough to venture into the area- as we saw some “Blair Witch” type film crew yahoos do at the beginning of the episode, and pay the price for their stupidity, despite the best efforts of Matt to save them.

Unfortunately, in doing so, Damon basically declared war, resulting in not only the Caroline situation, but in Elena’s body being removed, cloaked by a spell from everyone’s view and plopped in a river somewhere. In exchange for her body not being harmed, Damon agrees to leave town and go as far away from Mystic Falls as possible- hence his distant location in the premiere, one assumes. However, Damon being Damon, he also concocted another revenge scheme, involving finding an alleged remaining heretic that hadn’t been resurrected with the others, and offering him (or her) up in exchange for Elena.

Not sure how he plans to do so, but I’m sure he’ll find a way, what with Elena on the line, after all. As for Caroline, Stefan very nearly successfully busted her out of captivity from what used to be the Salvatore mansion, but was foiled at the last minute when Lily and company undid their spell and were able to reclaim the mansion as their own again, after having compelled Matt to put it in his name and attaching some kind of spell that made it so that the mansion would only pass on to someone else upon his death. He then banished the other Salvatores from being able to enter and that was that.

The Vampire Diaries "Never Let Me Go" Season 7 Episode 2 (7)

At least until Bonnie had the bright idea to stop Matt’s heart, thus essentially “killing” him long enough to allow Stefan to enter and rescue Caroline. Though it worked, Lily and her crew were able to foil the plan at the last minute and Stefan was promptly ejected from the house once again, so Caroline remains held hostage for now. It very nearly didn’t work after Bonnie was knocked unconscious by an earlier spell she came into contact with via Alaric’s Phoenix stone, which had some sort of evil mojo on it that caused one to have freaky visions of people screaming and bloody and what have you.

Not sure what that’s about, but clearly that’s going to come back later, not in the least because Alaric didn’t destroy the stone like Bonnie told him to. However, it does appear to work, as Alaric tested it out on a cadaver and the body temporarily came back, at least until he removed the stone. So, what does that mean? That the stone has to remain in contact with the dead person in question or they stay dead or go back to it?

If so, that seems pretty inconvenient. I guess the dead person in question could wear it like a necklace or something of that nature to keep it in contact with their skin, but what if they like, hit a bump on the road and the contact goes away? Or if the clasp breaks and it falls off? Do they go back to being dead for a brief moment? That seems sort of like a problem waiting to happen, right? I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it goes when Jo inevitably returns. Myself, I’m hoping for some “Pet Sematary”-type shenanigans. Bring on Psycho Jo!

The Vampire Diaries "Never Let Me Go" Season 7 Episode 2 (8)

That was about it for the episode, really. Basically, just more set-up for the season to come. Not a bad episode, per se, just not a particularly eventful one. We found out why Damon likely left town and that Caroline at the very least has some semblance of a life three years from now, until of course, she doesn’t, but that’s really all. Beyond that, it was just a bunch of back-and-forth as Stefan tried to save Caroline and Bonnie tried to help and Damon did what Damon does and threw a wrench into the whole program, as usual.

As I noted last week, Nora (Scarlett Byrne, “Pansy” from the “Harry Potter” movies) remains the only vaguely interesting one of the heretics, though there might be something to watch for in regards to Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore, “Evil Dead”), who might not be as docile as she first seemed, and more passive-aggressive vindictive that I might have given her credit for, but we’ll see. Honestly, though, if you were going to take out one of the heretics, why wouldn’t you go with the mute, who brings next to nothing to the proceedings besides glowering? What were they thinking there? Granted, Malcolm just seemed like your basic suck-up, but that’s still more compelling than a silent hulk hovering in the background- and not even that big of one, at that.

So, all things considered, I remain on the fence in regards to this season thus far, but I’m trying to be as open-minded as possible, what with an entire season still ahead of us and plenty of time to rectify things, if need be. Until then, the best I can do is offer up a bit of a “meh.” Hey, at least Bonnie is doing something besides moping around or being stuck in a hell dimension or whatever. I’ll take it.

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries”? Where do you stand on the season so far? Do you find the whole heretic thing interesting? Do you have a favorite? Does Lily get on your nerves, or do you blame her for being mad at her “real” kids? What exactly was Caroline doing in the future? Who shot those stakes at her and her co-worker? What’s next for Damon? Will he make matters worse or manage to redeem himself? Will Stefan and Caroline ever get a break? Will Alaric stir up an undead zombified Jo on the warpath for murder and brains? Or will it be Bonnie that ends up possessed by the stone of doom? Sound off on this and more down below in the comments section and see you next week!