The Flash “Flash of Two Worlds” Review (Season 2 Episode 2)

The Flash "Flash of Two Worlds" Season 2 Episode 2 (1)

As if The Flash wasn’t already delivering a fun, geek-out episode last night, they had to go and recreate the famous cover from which “Flash of Two Worlds” took its name from. I honestly don’t know if that was a step too far or the perfect cap to the hour, but it definitely fit in with an episode that perfectly mixed fan service references with legitimate world-building.

From calling out Earth-2, to the continued evolution of Cisco’s Vibe powers, to the downright fantastic look of Jay Garrick’s Flash outfit, it was a great night for longtime comic fans. However, what made it all work even better was that everything was in service to the larger Arrowverse narrative. The multiverse is positioned to become a major part of things going forward, and all of the cute references helped to build towards that – cover recreation notwithstanding.

More importantly, this was still a strong episode in terms of exploring where Barry is at right now. Though Jay seemed genuine in his desire to help fight Sand Demon, Barry couldn’t find it in himself to trust the guy. After the monumental betrayal from Wells, it’s understandable that he’d be so wary, and it continued to build on his desire to protect those he cares about that was driving him last week.

This week also introduced comic character Patty Spivot as a new partner for Joe and a potential love interest for Barry. In terms of the latter, the chemistry between the two was immediately apparent, and it’ll be fun to see them continue to interact as the season moves forward. We were also given an idea of what a competent officer she is early on, if it was a bit muddled by her getting kidnapped by Sand Demon so easily. But hey, who in Barry’s inner circle hasn’t been taken hostage at this point?

Finally, we were given a Marvel-style post-credits tease this week, with a look into a Tomorrowland-looking version of STAR Labs being run by a living Harrison Wells. Whether this is a more direct vision of Earth-2 or some sort of side-effect of Eobard’s erasure from existence, we now have a better idea of how Wells will continue to be a part of the show.

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