Survivor “What’s the Beef?” Review (Season 31 Episode 4)

Survivor "What's the Beef?" Season 31 Episode 4 (1)

Survivor returned tonight (with the first few seconds cut off on DirecTV, by the way!) with the amusingly titled “What’s the Beef?” The dejected and aimless Angkor tribe returned with the blue view camera turned on, where Abi’s paranoia gets the better of her and she confronts Tash because she dared speak to Woo. I don’t know what makes Abi think she’s so untouchable in this game. She’s gotten in just about everyone’s face and stabbed lots of people in the back, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they get rid of her. On the other hand, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to bring somebody so toxic and unlikable to the end, though.

The first reward challenge of the season was tonight, and it was a bit different for a couple reasons. First of all, it seemed to be be played in the evening, with the reward taking place during the night. That was definitely a break from the norm, and it was interesting to see the sun so low on the horizon and shining in everyone’s faces. Second, it was a “hero challenge” where only one player competes for the whole challenge. I don’t remember any of these singular challenges happening in the past, but man what a huge amount of pressure it must have been those three guys! It was also a little odd that the average age of the competitors was late 40s/early 50s. Why didn’t Joe, Woo, or any young guys go instead?

Not much went on in between challenges. We saw Angkor enjoy their nighttime barbecue, and Kass make a necklace, but it was really mostly filler to get to the next reward. This is the first episode this season with two challenges, and I had forgotten how little camp time you get when there’s two challenges to show.

The immunity challenge was the requisite blindfold challenge that’s in every season. I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to combine the blindfolds with incredibly heavy boxes, but Jeff Varner wasn’t the only person who seemed to have an injury. Spencer took a few good hits, and Tash was almost crushed by one also!

So Angkor loses yet again and is sent to tribal. Basically all of the pre-Tribal scramble was a mad dash to get Abi to vote for either Jeff or Woo. I loved how she said that she hates being the one to decide, when you know that Abi absolutely lives for being in this position and getting all of this attention and having everybody begging you. Apparently Woo begged a little bit better, because Jeff was sent home instead. When Jeff talked about how loyal he was to this tribe, and how he has no other alliances on other tribes, I was so annoyed that Wood didn’t bring up the incident last week when Jeff was talking to Wigglesworth after the challenge! Hello?! You call that loyalty? He was definitely the better choice, because that dude is way too crafty to take to the end.

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Random Thoughts:

– It’s a little annoying that Kass nicknames herself “Chaos Kass” and keeps bringing up the name all the time. She’s trying to Gretchen Wieners herself a new nickname. Stop trying to make “Chaos Kass” happen! It’s not going to happen!

– Varner saying that “millions” of people voted him in is a little rich. Maybe Jeff boasted that “millions” of people voted for these guys, but I doubt this guy got anywhere near that much.

– I wish they read Tash’s funny vote on the earth. (Jeff…not Probst).