Criminal Minds “‘Til Death Do Us Part” Review (Season 11 Episode 3)

Criminal Minds "'Til Death Do Us Part" Season 11 Episode 3 (3)

Tonight saw the return of Criminal Minds, brought to you by the wonderful NFL and their Play60 initiative! Yes, after we get the opening scene of a couple pretty people at a florist shop in Georgia, we return to DC where Derek is running around with NFL all star Michael Irvin. Apparently the CBS’ new Thursday Night Football deal with the NFL means that we have to force the brand into every show, but whatever. It was all over pretty quick, and we were able to get to the case at hand!

The team all made their way to Savannah, Georgia to investigate some brides-to-be that were killed at their bachelorette parties. It was a nice little swerve that Unsub was a female, and it was played by Ashley Fink from Glee!

It was a little funny seeing the actress I know as the strong and confident Lauren Zizes playing a psychotic serial killer. Ashley did a pretty good job overall, but some of the stylistic choices of the episode really hampered her performance a bit. This was the third episode directed by Rossi himself, Joe Mantegna, and the tone he chose in several of Ashley’s scenes seemed way off and ended up just making me laugh at supposedly serious scenes. That scene of her going through that terribly photoshopped book with pictures of Ryan cracked me up. Not only because of the goofy pictures, but because of the comically adoring look she had on her face the whole time. I also laughed after Ryan proposed to her sister and the camera smash zoomed in on her eyes before cutting to commercial. Yikes.

A lot of the episode didn’t make a lot of sense, either. How did Nicole not know what kind of stuff her sister was buying? Was she not seeing this stuff in the mail the whole time? Also, did she just never go in the basement of the store ever? Maybe you could be keeping slightly better tabs on your clearly spiraling big sister.

Most episodes of this show end in a Mexican standoff, with the team showing up right when the Unsub is about to claim another victim. This one, however, just ended with the Unsub’s sister and her fiance pretending to care for the Unsub until she dropped the knife. The whole thing was so contrived and goofy, and lacked the excitement we usually get from the episode conclusions. Couldn’t Dana hear Morgan telling Ryan “Tell her you love her”? Wouldn’t she say “Hey, he just told you to say that!”?

Despite the overall pretty lame story of the week, we did get a little more info on Aisha Tyler’s character tonight. She kept ignoring calls from her own fiance Gregory, who’s apparently an environmental lawyer back in DC. We don’t know much more about him at all, but it’s good to get a little bit of details on her character.

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Random Thoughts:

– I looked into Irvin’s cameo on Criminal Minds, and it turns out the guy is a huge fan of the show! He watches reruns every night and he kept calling Shemar Moore “Derek” on the set. It’s pretty cute that the guy is such a huge fan, so now I’m a little bit happier about the forced product integration.

– I loved that the Unsub’s vision of Ryan was wearing a suit, just like the one he wore at their seventh grade dance. That was what he was wearing in her favorite memory of him, so that’s how she imagined him. That was a nice touch. Same hairdo, too!