Scorpion “Robots” Review (Season 2 Episode 4)

Scorpion "Robots" Season 2 Episode 4 (3)

You sunk my battleship! On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” someone did just that, and it was up to part of the team to figure out how to rectify it before everyone else literally went down with the ship, in “Robots.”

It all began with a new lady in charge, freshly-minted Homeland Liaison Katherine Cooper (Peri Gilpin, aka “Roz” from “Frazier”), who was taking over for Deputy Director Molina after Cabe put the fear of God into her last week for all but abandoning Sly in jail. While Cooper tried her best to play by the book, two things became clear almost immediately: Team Scorpion isn’t much for doing so, and Cooper was obviously more than a little intimidated by her new position, being more accustomed to jockeying a desk than being out in the field as she was now.

On the plus side, unlike Molina, when the chips were down, Cooper also rose to the occasion, doing anything and everything in her power to help them when things went south- and in this case, they went south pretty quickly, so time was of the essence, practically down to the minute, no less.

Cooper announced that she had a new gig for them, but that only the bare minimum could be allowed in the loop. She opted to take Walter, Cabe and Happy, but only after Toby essentially puzzled out what the assignment was in the first place by using guesswork and by reading Cooper’s obvious facial cues as she tried fruitlessly to keep the top secret assignment secret. Luckily for them, as Toby’s inquisitive nature and inability to be kept in the dark about anything would pay off later when the members of the team concerned most needed him.

The assignment involved a submarine in the vicinity of San Pedro that needed the team to investigate a device used as a line of communication between the Department of Defense in the US and China that the government suspected had been tapped, thus making invaluable information potentially available to an unknown party. The mission itself would have been fine, and typically no problem, but if you’ve seen any episodes of this show, you know if something can go wrong, it typically does, if only momentarily.

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In this case, it was when Happy used a robot to link into the underwater device, only for it to download some malware into the submarine that caused it to malfunction, taking out the engine, electricity, and flooding parts of the vessel as it crashed down to the bottom of the ocean. Making matters worse, because it was a Black Ops mission that only a few were privy to- most of them onboard said sub- no one really knew where they were and wouldn’t know until it was too late.

Lucky for them, then, that Toby was so nosy, as he was able not only to guesstimate the partial location of the ship when it went down, but also that the gang was in trouble in the first place. In doing so, he was able to alert Cooper and set a rescue operation in motion. Meanwhile, the team left underwater scrambled to make the best of their situation, eventually realizing that part of the crew were trapped with survival suits but no way out, while Walter, Happy, Cabe and the man in charge of the Op had a way out but no suits.

To that end, Happy and Walter concoct an ad-hoc suit which Cabe, realizing he’s the most expendable, offers to try out, essentially putting his life in their hands. Thankfully, the suit works and Cabe is able to get to the surface and fire off a flare to notify others of his exact whereabouts. A nearby ship rescues him, and he gets in touch with the rest of the team in order to secure some items they need to supply the needed oxygen to Walter and company to survive until further rescue can arrive.

Unfortunately, while Toby and Sly are able to secure the needed materials, with an assist from Happy’s dad, by the time they get it there, the underwater team are having other problems, which require them to partially flood the ship in order to tilt it in a certain way so that they all don’t end up dead before rescue can arrive. The gambit works, and the half of the sub containing the crew is freed and make it to surface, but in the meantime, Walter, Happy and the sub XO are still trapped, and even with the arrival of the oxygen tank, still doomed, as there isn’t enough oxygen to sustain them until help arrives.

Finally, they come up with a last-ditch idea: the captain will set the sub to self-destruct, thus preserving the secrets of the tech onboard and keeping it out of the enemy’s hands, while the three remaining slip into the oxygen tank container and hope that the force of the explosion will propel them upwards to the surface without killing them. It works, and the day is basically saved, as per usual, thanks to teamwork on behalf of all concerned.

As ever, there were some neat touches to the proceedings. A lot of the team’s ideas often seem far-fetched, but I thought the one about flooding the ship actually made sense, and I really got a kick out of the way Sly used the “Mini Mall” YouTube video to pinpoint the underwater team’s exact location. I also liked the way the episode tied in the robot tech Happy used early on with the characters themselves, pointing out how they were maybe not as mechanical as they seemed, despite their occasional stiffness and seeming lack of emotion. (To that end, best line of the episode went to Toby, who declared at one point when Happy cracked wise: “Great use of her humor programming.”)

The addition of Gilpin to the cast was a welcome one, with her familiarity a big plus, as it made her more inherently likable than Alana De La Garza. No offense to that actress, as she was simply playing the role as given, but Gilpin is just more relatable even before her character started to be defined, largely due to the fact that she tends to play figures of authority that tend to fly by the seat of their pants, so it was already firmly within her wheelhouse as it was. (In additional to the eternally-vexed Roz, she also played the off-her-rocker school principal in the short-lived “Mr. Robinson.”)

I’m still on the fence about the addition of Ray (Kevin Weisman, “Alias”), however. I don’t dislike the actor, but it’s tough at this point to see what exactly he brings to the table as a member of the team, save comedy relief. Yes, he also serves as the rare friend to Walter outside of the typical confines of the team itself, but he also has little in common with Walter, and their chemistry is still to be determined, aside from some mild comedic scenarios on previous episodes. At this point, though, he comes off more as annoying than amusing, so it remains to be seen whether he can make the transition to something more indispensible, team-wise.

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Overall, this was a suitable tense and claustrophobic episode, with some solid moments throughout, notably Toby bonding with Happy’s father and later on, coming to terms with Happy herself and their burgeoning “friendship”- read, their continued delay of their undeniable attraction to one another by putting off the inevitable for now. I also liked the bits with Walter also coming to terms with both his limitations with emotions and the fact that he’s come a lot further than he often lets himself believe. To that end, I think that’s why he felt the need to keep Ray around, since, as nerve-challenging as he might be, Ray does keep Walter on his toes.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Did you enjoy the main case? Did you find it suitably tense? What do you think of the addition of Gilpin? How about Weisman? Would you be okay with them becoming regulars? How about the developments within the team itself, from Walter’s coming to terms with his emotions (or occasional lack thereof) to the various relationships within the team between Walter and Paige and Toby and Happy, respectively? Sound off down below in the comments section, and see you next episode!