Public Morals “No Crazies on the Street” Episode 8

Public Morals "No Crazies on the Street" Episode 8

The TNT tv show Public Morals “No Crazies on the Street” Episode 8 airs Tuesday Oct 13 at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on TNT. In tonight’s episode, Muldoon must make a final decision about whether Shea should be in Public Morals and puts him to the test. Kane finally returns to Hell’s Kitchen, and it is soon a race between Rusty and Kane to get to each other first.

Show Summary: The city has laws on the books that no one wants enforced, rules to curb all kinds of sin and vice. Gambling and prostitution are as old as the city itself. And the cops in the Public Morals Division do what’s been done for the last hundred years. They manage it for the city.

But for Terry Muldoon (Burns), this all might come to an end when a war between two factions of the Irish Mob breaks out in his own Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood, prompting his wife, Christine (Masucci), to demand that they leave the city for good.