NCIS: LA “Command and Control” Review (Season 7, Episode 4)

NCIS: Los Angeles "Command & Control" Season 7 Episode 4 (3)

Continuing a trend for the third week in a row (or fourth, if you count the premiere), NCIS: LA centered its story over a character the team had a past connection with.

In terms of execution, I’d say “Command and Control” has been the weakest episode back. The stakes were higher, but the Chad Brunson character came off wholly miscast and/or directed poorly. If you’re going the Speed or Phone Booth route, at least have the person on the other line be a worthy opponent. And Chad Brunson was no Dennis Hopper or Kiefer Sutherland. In fact, I thought he sounded closer to an 18-year-old kid with a chip on his shoulder until he was finally introduced. Even then, I wasn’t buying his whole “I’m weird and going to sit on the swing” shtick. I also had no memory of Brunson’s brother, Tyler, which added to the disconnect.

So what ended up piquing my attention? Well, I didn’t remember Tyler, but could never forget Paul Angelo (played by Daniel Henney). And the episode reminded us that Tyler was the person Angelo was investigating while undercover for NCIS back in Season 5’s “Three Hearts.” The other major thread was the possibility that Angelo had switched sides at some point. Angelo’s conversation with Hetty made it seem like that was not the case, but it looks as if the writers are throwing that uncertainty back at us again. On the one hand, I would prefer Angelo to be a reluctant/slippery ally than the mole we’ve been hearing about for a season now. At the same time, he would make a strong/dynamic antagonist, worthy of playing cat and mouse with the team. Either way, Angelo’s name being brought back into the fold makes me think he’ll make another appearance soon, one I will welcome gladly.

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– To be honest, I had completely forgotten about the mole storyline because Callen’s quest to find his father became the main focus at the end of last season. Both aspects need to be solved because my patience is wearing thin.

– Not being an Eric/Nell fan also made this a less enjoyable episode for me. That being said, I think Nell works very well when paired with the other characters, and her moments with Granger came off nicely.

– Next week is Michael Weatherly’s guest spot. Bracing myself for a lot of jokes.