Crazy Ex-Girlfriend “Josh Just Happens to Live Here!” Review (Series Premiere)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW) "Josh Just Happens to Live Here!" Episode 1 (2)

The CW has spent the past few years growing into the most dependable, entertaining network on television. Between superheroes, the supernatural, and quirky comedies, the network has grown a stable of commercial and critical hits that most other channels would kill for. It’s gotten to the point where they’re barely premiering any new shows this fall. So, for one to make it through, you’d expect it to be as excellent as they come. Well, that’s exactly the case with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which proved every bit as delightful in “Josh Just Happens to Live Here!” as its first trailer suggested.

Right away, the show sets itself up as a joyous musical, with bright, explosive colors and larger-than-life personalities. At the center of it all is Rachel Bloom’s Rebecca Bunch, a high-powered attorney who moves across the country in pursuit of her former crush. Though the ads have portrayed Rebecca as all-crazy, all-the-time, there’s far more layers to the character, elements we see as she interacts with her new co-workers. She’s got an obsessive personality, sure, but it’s clearly something that stems from her restrictive upbringing.

In fact, the show’s biggest success so far is quickly establishing a deeper motivation behind Rebecca’s cross-country move than just an obsession with Josh Chan. Instead of painting her as a creepy stalker type, the show makes it clear that she’s never truly been in control of her own life, instead held under the thumb of her mother and career expectations. Her desire to be with Josh seems to have far more to do with reconnecting to the one time in her life she felt free than it does with Josh himself. Of course, we’ve probably got a long way to go until Rebecca herself realizes this, but it’s a fact that makes it far easier for us to connect and relate to her worries and neuroses.

Also helping are the delightful musical numbers. Though we only got two of them this week, they both did a great job of offering entertaining punctuations to the narrative. Each song gave us further insight into Rebecca’s off-kilter worldview, while also suggesting that the show will continue to give us fun, Broadway-style productions moving forward.

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