Castle “What Lies Beneath” Review (Season 8 Episode 4)

Castle "What Lies Beneath" Season 8 Episode 5 (1)

While we wait for Beckett to come to her senses and get back together with Castle, at least the guys are keeping us entertained. Castle returned this week in its fourth episode entitled “What Lies Beneath.” The case of the week – the murder of Castle and Alexis’ hero, author PJ Moffett. Always looking at the bright side of things, Castle declares how great the death of Moffett is. Confused, Alexis questions her father’s twisted statement. He in turns explains that Moffett died in a church that falls under the jurisdiction of the 12th Precinct, Kate’s precinct! Letting us know that he is still not ready to give up on his wife.

As usual, Ryan and Espo are assigned the case with Castle constantly a step ahead. He beats them to the punch, paying a visit to Irish hitman Billy O’Rourke. When Ryan and Espo pop in to surprise the mobster with their guns raised, he’s enjoying a meal and some wine with who else, but Castle! Castle’s explanation of why they have the wrong man was laughable. We also find out that Dave and Moffett are not the same man.

We finally find out how he managed to the upper hand, in this episode anyway. He’s been tracking Espo. Yes, he placed a little tracking device on the back of his shirt collar. When they finally discover how Castle has been doing this, the three of them were just yards away from their suspect, a man who fought with the victim before his demise. While it looks like he is in the middle of attending an AA meeting, we find out that it’s actually Pathological Liars Anonymous!

As the case progresses, we learn that the victim uncovered something illegal going down at work. This is turn exposed a man named Reid, who was illegally embezzling money through a civic fund. Did I mention the shady priest? In the end though, it was none of these people that killed Dave, but his angry wife Wendy, who he lied to. Case closed!

Are you ready for Castle and Beckett to get back together?