Switched at Birth “The Accommodations of Desire” Review (Season 4, Episode 18)

Switched at Birth

Don’t we all – at different points in our lives – want, or to be more specific, desire – what someone else has. That was definitely the case with nearly all of the characters in tonight’s episode of Switched at Birth.

Bay desired to move on from everything that happened between her and Tank as well as her and Emmett, hoping to move in with a new relationship with “player” Garrett, the guy from Daphne and Travis’s old school.

That, of course, didn’t work out quite the way she planned once she learned just how experienced Garrett is with women. Naturally that freaked her out, making her feel like she was on the junior varsity team while Garrett was on the team beyond the varsity team. What would you even call that? Your guess is as good as mine.

It only made sense that Garrett, after the fact, wanted to know what made Bay rush off the way she did; and who did he go to for information: Travis, who has been hiding his desire for Bay for quite some time now. I feel bad for Travis, I really do; but he is going about this in all the wrong ways. He should really consider just telling Bay how he feels, but given how upset she is with him right now, that could be an even bigger disaster.

Where relationships are concerned, Josh (Daphne’s interpreter) and Vimla (Daphne’s biology class partner) have hit a rocky patch; and of course Daphne got sucked into the middle of it all. Turned out that Josh was starting to have feelings for someone else, but he was being very evasive about who. It was quite comical (at least to me) to first see Mingo and Daphne assume that Josh liked Daphne only to have it turn out that Josh had feelings for Mingo. There’s nothing wrong with his feelings, and I have to admire for the way they handled it all.

Lastly, a very pregnant Lily – who was suffering from Braxton Hicks – desired what another patient in the doctor’s office had: two healthy kids and another one on the way. Thank goodness for Regina, who provided her with some much needed advice, and suggesting that she and Toby have a heart-to-heart talk about the impending future with…drum roll please (spoiler alert!!)…their son.

NOTE: How in the world did Eric’s ex-wife Hope track down the Kennish and Vasquez family? This is going to get very ugly!

What are your thoughts on tonight’s episode? Do you have an all-new appreciation for Mingo? He’s not quite the “meathead” we all thought he was, right? Do you think Travis will finally step up with Bay and admit his feelings? How did Hope track the family down and what is she going to do with her unquenched desire for her long-missing son? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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Katie Leclerc as Daphne Vasquez
Vanessa Marano as Bay Kennish
Sean Berdy as Emmett Bledsoe
Lucas Grabeel as Toby Kennish
Constance Marie as Regina Vasquez
Lea Thompson as Katheryn Kennish
D. W. Moffatt as John Kennish

Guest stars:
Austin Cauldwell as Josh
Porscha Coleman as Georgia
Adam Hagenbuch as Mingo
Kim Hawthorne as Hope Paxton
Ryan Lane as Travis Barnes
Sharon Pierre-Louis as Roy
Rana Ray as Vimla
Rachel Shenton as Lily Summers
Terrell Tilford as Eric Bishop
Nyle DiMarco as Garrett