Once Upon a Time “Siege Perilous” Review (Season 5 Episode 3)

Once Upon a Time "Siege Perilous" Season 5 Episode 3 (2)

This week’s episode of Once Upon A Time was kind of a snooze fest, which I think is the fault of the focus being on Charming. He doesn’t have magic and is a milquetoast hero at best. About halfway through, I was wishing the ladies would take over. Let’s go through the bad and work our way to the good.

In Camelot, the team struggles to free Merlin from the tree. Charming goes in search of a magical toadstool that will let them communicate with Merlin. Charming takes along the equally cardboard King Arthur on the quest. Together, they have a dull little adventure filled with mutual moaning about the road from poverty to mediocrity. The scene with Charming crossing the water was almost comical with Arthur’s uncomfortable smile and “concerned face” when Charming fell. I feel like Josh Dallas is being underserved. We know from his portrayal of Fandral in Thor (yes, a small role, but still) that he can be charismatic. Charming is in desperate need of some character depth and enthusiasm.

The King Arthur character isn’t faring much better. Lancelot shows up towards the end of the episode and tells Snow that Arthur isn’t what he seems. That sounds promising. Since I already don’t like the character, better to make him a villain so I can root for his downfall. We then find out that his secret scheme is to rebuild Camelot in Storybrooke. On the sinister scale, I’d put that around a 2. Hopefully, that isn’t his ultimate game plan.

The dwarves are also starting to get on my nerves. They get all riled up that Emma stole an ax. Really? The Dark One steals your ax and you think you’re going to get it back from her? The dwarves should just feel lucky she didn’t use it on them.

Things got considerably better when the ladies took over. The scene between Regina and Zelena was fantastic. For a moment, I thought they were going to have a civilized conversation. Nope. The Evil Queen returned and gave her sister a pretty brutal smack down. Regina may want to start exercising some restraint. Zelena is under control for now, but she has beaten Regina before and shouldn’t be underestimated. I’m also a little unclear on what Regina’s plan is for the baby. Does she think she’s going to raise it? I hope there is a magical intervention that will allow Regina to have her own child with Robin.

Then we move to the Dark One. You have to feel bad for Hook. He lost Emma, but still has the Dark One trying to trick him into trusting her. She claims that she is better than her previous self, which has some ring of truth to it. She is more confident and less afraid. But there is that downside of her being duplicitous. It was heartbreaking when he told her that he “loved” her. I’m not sure pushing her away is going to help with the ultimate goal of getting Emma back.

There’s at least some good news for Belle. Rumple has returned. Unfortunately, the Dark One has a plan for him. It will be interesting to see what direction his character heads in now that he is no longer the Dark One. Will he want the power back or will he finally be able to enjoy a life with Belle?