The Good Wife “Innocents” Review (Season 7 Episode 2)

The Good Wife "Innocents" Season 7 Episode 2 (3)

The Good Wife returned tonight with “Innocents”, as Alicia hires a hunky new investigator and Eli weasels his way back into Peter’s campaign!

We still don’t know too much about the handsome and suave Jason Crause quite yet, but he clearly has a thing for Alicia or he wouldn’t be taking such a smaller payday compared to Agos & Lockhart. We really haven’t seen him do much investigating yet, so I’m excited to see how his process works and how it differs from Kalinda. Hers was very crass and blunt, but this guy seems like more of a smooth talker. It should be interesting, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is perfectly cast in this role.

The drama at Agos and Lockhart was much more exciting this week as compared to last. Howard Lyman has been a background player ever since the first season, but this is the biggest storyline he’s been involved in. I really wish that his war with Cary lasted a little longer, but unfortunately he gave David and Diane their ultimatum rather quickly. I’m a little confused why David and Diane seem to be on his side, though. I know that he has seniority and all, but has the guy ever been helpful to the firm? All he’s ever done on this show is sexually harass people or insult their nationality. He’s even lost a few clients that we’ve seen, like America Ferrera’s character in season five, because he can never seem to say the right thing. It was a little ridiculous that Diane was yelling at Cary because Howard came to her lunch to mess it up. Um, Howard is the one who screwed up your lunch, Diane! He’s an adult, he could have chosen not to go!

There’s also some movement going on in Peter’s campaign. It was such a big deal to have Peter firing Eli last week, so it’s a little odd that he’s right back in the office with him again. Sure he’s got somebody outranking him now, which I’m sure he’ll be fighting against for the rest of the season, but it’s a little anti-climactic to see him back. It was interesting for Alicia to make that deal to join the election committee, though. Certainly seems like a deal with the devil, so we’ll see what that first vote ends up being!

The case of the week dipped a little too much into the ludicrous for my taste. Nancy Crozier came back, and while it’s always nice to see this Michigan native on the show, she’s definitely one of the most affected characters on the show. You stack that on top of Judge Dunaway being a converted Muslim with gastrointestinal problems, and then cap it all off with this ridiculous case.

Nude pictures of eight and ten year old is incredibly creepy! In no way would anybody, even an art gallery, not consider that completely unacceptable and inappropriate. Every argument that lady made was ridiculous, too. The paintings of naked angels is totally different because they are both fictional and painted, so not literal. It also has absolutely nothing to do with a woman taking the pictures instead of a woman. In fact, it would be even creepier to me if a man was taking these pictures. I was surprised it took so long for somebody to get to the whole child pornography part of it, because that’s the first thing I thought of. When a case is that outlandishly unrealistic, it’s hard to get invested in it.

Things are chugging along pretty nicely on this season. Alicia’s got a new investigator, a new wing-woman, and a paid receptionist! Her new law office is coming along nicely!

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