Sleepy Hollow “Whispers in the Dark” Review (Season 3, Episode 2)

Sleepy Hollow "Whispers In The Dark" Season 3 episode 2 (1)

The French poet Jean de la Fontaine once said that nothing weighs on us so heavily as a secret. Secrets keep a person from being able to share all of themselves with anyone. Secrets cause people to be paranoid and distrusting of others. Secrets can be dangerous. That was a lesson our heroes learned on this week’s Sleepy Hollow.

Ichabod and Abbie’s relationship has been strained lately, and I imagine some of that is caused by the fact that they’re not communicating the way they used to; that they’re keeping secrets from each other. Part of what made Ichabod and Abbie such a great team was the fact that they shared the burden that came along with being a witness. It’s not that they were sitting together crying into their Ben and Jerry’s every night, but they didn’t keep things from each other. That’s not so much the case now. I’m not saying that I want Ichabod and Abbie to have deep, soul-crushing revelations at the end of each episode, but I would like for their relationship to get back into the easy rhythm it had before. I would like for them to stop pretending with each other. Everyone has certain things about themselves that they never share with anyone else, and that’s ok. But one thing I don’t want to see is Ichabod and Abbie going back to the way things were during the last season where they kept things from each other part of the time and outright lied to each other the other part of the time. The only way they’re going to be victorious in their fight against evil is if they are honest not only with each other but with themselves.

Speaking of being honest with yourself, what’s up with Abbie? I’m confused about her desire to leave Sleepy Hollow and her responsibility as a witness behind. Especially given last week’s episode in which she realized that the fight isn’t over and seemed to accept that she still has work to do. Does she mean that she’s planning to leave Sleepy Hollow as soon as the trials of the witnesses are done? Or does she plan to leave Sleepy Hollow as soon as a better job offer comes along? There were a couple different options thrown out in this episode, but I’m not clear on Abbie’s long term plans. It appears for the moment she’s chosen to stay where she is, and it looks like that’s a good thing. Ichabod mentioned that Abbie did a good job of balancing her law enforcement responsibilities with her witness responsibilities, but I don’t think that’s the case. And I don’t think Abbie can have it both ways. It’s different being a part of the federal government as opposed to being a part of a small town sheriff’s office. She won’t be able to hide the truth as easily and she won’t be able to ditch work to save the world as easily. I get the feeling Abbie is going to have to make a choice, and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

One thing I did like about this episode was the return of Joe Corbin. I liked his character when he was introduced last season, and I’m glad to see him come back. Continuing on this week’s theme of secrets, Joe showed up because he wanted to work with Jenny. Way back when, Sheriff Corbin did what he felt he had to do to protect his son, but in doing so he closed off a part of himself to Joe. It strained the relationship between father and son, and before they had a chance to fix it, Sheriff Corbin was gone. That’s a heavy weight to carry. After the whole wendigo business, Joe’s eyes were opened to the truth and he wanted to help. Part of that desire to help is because Joe’s a good guy, but most of it is the fact that he wants no more secrets between him and his old man. He wants to know that part of his father, and this is the only way to do it. I’m looking forward to Joe being a more critical part of the story because he’s an interesting character. Much more interesting than Hawley was anyway. Plus, it might give us an opportunity to have Sheriff Corbin back in flashbacks or something, and since I love Clancy Brown, it’s a win-win situation.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about Abbie’s new boss Daniel Reynolds. On the one hand, I did like the fact that he let Abbie do her thing when she started digging into the case. Even before Frank found out the truth of what was going on in Sleepy Hollow, he seemed to trust Abbie’s instincts. He offered her what support he could and his support was pretty crucial to Ichabod and Abbie being able to hold off Molock for as long as they did. Abbie’s next boss wasn’t as supportive, and it made things that much more difficult for our heroes. Reynolds gave Abbie the same kind of trust that Frank gave her, and it was refreshing to see. But Reynolds is obviously a very career oriented person. He took the job in Sleepy Hollow as a means to bolster his resume and serve as a stepping stone to bigger and better things. I fear that his career goals are going to come into conflict with the goals of The Witnesses at some point, and it’s going to create a problem. But for now, it looks like Abbie has an ally and that’s good news. On the other hand, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the “personal relationship” angle. It’s not that I think Abbie’s a nun or anything, but there didn’t seem to be very much chemistry between Abbie and Daniel. I don’t know whether that was the actors or the characters, but that whole aspect of the story felt entirely too forced. I enjoyed Abbie’s chemistry with that one reporter guy from last season much more than I did with Reynolds. Fingers crossed we don’t spend too much time focusing on their non-professional relationship.

All in all, this was just an ok episode. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with the information about Abbie’s dad, but I get the feeling we’re going to find out since he’s supposed to show up later this season. The monster of the week wasn’t particularly terrifying but it was at least mildly disturbing. I mean, who wouldn’t be disturbed by a shadow that kills you after laying all of your secrets bare? The real monster here was Pandora even though she didn’t do too much. I still don’t get what’s with that weird tree she’s growing, but I imagine all will be revealed in due time. I can’t remember much about the Pandora myth except that after she let everything out of her box, the one thing left inside was hope. Our heroes could use a bit of hope right now. So what did y’all think of this week’s Sleepy Hollow?