The Originals “For the Next Millennium” Review (Season 3 Premiere)

The Originals "For The Next Millennium" Season 3 Premiere 2015 (4)

In the season premiere of “The Originals,” with all their parental issues more or less behind them, it was time for the gang to focus on the rest of the family, but can a house divided against itself stand? In “For the Next Millennium,” we began to see the repercussions of that in earnest, as more or less everyone went their own way, with Klaus and Elijah in particular barely on speaking terms with one another, and when they did speak, barely having anything positive to say.

Stepping in to fill that void- and likely take advantage of it, from the looks of things- is newcomer Lucien (Andrew Lees, yet another “H20” vet, joining the ranks of Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt). Actually, Lucien goes way back with the family- all the way back to 1002 A.D., no less, when he first met the clan as a rebellious servant to a tyrannical king (or so he claims). After killing his traveling companions, Lucien pleads with the Originals to spare him, promising them that he can help them assimilate amongst royalty so that they can stop running and settle in together somewhere.

Of course, even way back then, the family was in danger of splintering, though, as ever, Elijah was the cheerleader of putting family first and sticking together, even as the others- particularly Finn (Casper Zafer) and Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) – want to go their separate ways and take their chances against their father and other foes by going it alone, reasoning that they will attract less attention that way, which is actually not a bad idea, all things considered. Lucien offers them one more chance to stay together, and from the looks of things they must have taken it, as in it, we see the show sowing the seeds of the new storyline.

In addition to Lucien, we also meet Aurora (another Aussie, Rebecca Breeds, of “Home and Away”), who Lucien warns is not a woman to be trifled with. From the looks of things, Klaus does just that, and, as we see in the final scene of the show, Lucien wasn’t kidding, as she is the sort of person to literally kill the messenger bearing what one assumes was bad news.

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Clearly, these two are being posited as at least two of the opponents the Originals will have to face this season, with the others being members of the so-called Kingmaker Land Development, a shadowy group compromised of military types looking to wipe out the werewolf clan and take their land. Given that name, I’m guessing that the KLD and Lucien and Aurora are almost certainly part of the same threat, which involves the three chief sire bloodlines that are, at least according to Lucien, currently at odds with one another.

Apparently, word has gotten around that the Originals are also at odds with one another, and thus, vulnerable to attack. With Kol’s death having wiped out one of the bloodlines, the rest are rallying themselves to purposefully try and take out the others, in order to likewise take out the other bloodlines, thus allowing one of them to reign supreme over the rest. This, of course, makes Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah all targets for whoever is leading these individual groups. (I guess Finn’s bloodline isn’t an issue at the moment, what with him being in limbo land.)

Naturally, Klaus scoffs at this development, pointing out that the last white oak stake is destroyed, and thus, there is nothing that can truly harm any of them anymore. However, Lucien intimates that there might be at least one such stake still in existence. As of yet, we haven’t seen it, nor know who possesses it, but if such a thing does exist, I’m guessing it’s probably Aurora that has it.

So, with that, we have what assumes will be the set-up for the rest of the season, as the remaining factions attempt to use the Originals’ divided status against them to wipe out their respective bloodlines so that only one will remain standing, thus leaving one sire line to reign supreme. Or that was what I got out of it, anyway. Considering the source, there may well be more to it, and I wouldn’t be surprised, given this show’s knack for twists, if there was.

To that end, for instance, we had Lucien’s medium’s prediction, in which she claimed that the family was already broken beyond repair, and that all will be lost within the year. She also made mention of a coming beast that will cause trouble for them all, though that was about as specific as the vision got- for now. Of course, Klaus being Klaus, he had no patience for learning more, and came this close to taking out the medium in question, though he ultimately didn’t. My prediction then, would be that we haven’t heard the last of her predictions. (See what I did there?)

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Last but not least, we discovered that Lucien was up to more than reconnecting with Klaus and company, as he is a sort of vampire serial killer on the side, with an oddball MO of cutting his victims- and himself apparently- with a straight razor across the face and mouth, leaving them looking like a variation of Heath Ledger’s take on The Joker. To that end, we had another new character, Detective Will Kenney (Jason Dohring, “Veronica Mars”), who is hunting down said killer, with an assist from Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) and Camille (Leah Pipes) in terms of helping profile the killer in question.

In addition to this, we also discovered that Davina (Danielle Campbell) is struggling with her new position as the Regent of the New Orleans witches, with any number of them rebelling against her, including a particularly brave attack courtesy of Kara, who tried to injure Davina’s hands in order to render her incapable of wielding magic. It didn’t work, but that problem is not going away anytime soon.

Also, as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) points out, when Davina is backed up against a wall without guidance, bad things tend to happen, so he advises Vincent to get his head back in the game and help mentor her, so that things don’t end up going off the rails yet again, especially with Davina refusing any help from the vampires whatsoever, not wanting to be seen as a sympathizer against her own kind. However, this doesn’t seem to extend to the werewolves, as we saw Davina summoning Hayley for help with something or the other towards the end of the episode.

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So, therein lies the seeds of the upcoming season, and as such, this was mostly set-up, leaving little room for much else, though we did get a sweet sequence in which Elijah laid waste to several representatives of the KLD military types, including using a assault rifle as a flying projectile in one particularly sweet kill. Oh, and we saw Klaus take out a critic of his art, after a showing of it in which said critic bad-mouthed it and had the misfortune of Klaus overhearing it.

I won’t make the same mistake, and will stay on Klaus’ good side- assuming he even has one still- and say that this was an enjoyable enough episode, and that I don’t have a problem with where any of this is headed so far. I’m sure we’ll have some more new characters, sooner than later, what with this sire line war brewing, assuming that is really what’s going on. As for the ones we met, it’s too soon to say what to make of Detective Kinney, but Lucien was certainly a colorful character and Aurora seems like a formidable opponent thus far. The rest will have to wait until I know more, but not a bad start, all things considered.

What did you think of “The Originals”? Are you sad to see the Originals at odds with one another? Do you like the direction things seem to be headed in? Which of the various plotlines did you find the most intriguing? How about the least? Was there a new character you really liked thus far? Do you think there’s more to the story of the whole bloodline war than we’re being told? Any predictions of your own? Sound off on this and more down below, and I’ll see you next week!