The Amazing Race “Where My Dogs At?” Review (Season 27 Episode 3)

The Amazing Race "Where My Dogs At?" Season 27 Episode 3 (1)

I didn’t give much thought to the hamstring injury that Tanner was complaining about at the end of the last week, but this week’s episode of The Amazing Race kicked off with letting us all know that he was actually hurt quite a bit. It would be a real bummer if that stupid little injury ends up really messing with the team, especially because he got it in such a silly way. It isn’t like he was participating in some crazy challenge or something, he was just sprinting to the mat! I don’t remember these guys having that much spirituality in the last couple weeks, though. I guess an injury like that will bring out the Christianity in everybody!

Anyway, “Where My Dogs At?” had the teams all frantically trying to board a bus to a rural town in Argentina. No stressful flight booking was needed, but the bus booking end up being just as crazy! I usually prefer that they get to a new country and completely different locale, but sometimes I’m fine when they stick around and visit the more remote and unknown cities in their previous country, as long as that location is interesting enough. Unfortunately, the small town of San Antonio De Arico held mixed results.

The meat cooking Road Block was OK. Those detail oriented challenges can meet with varying levels of success, and nobody had problems with it for very long except for Justin. That guy is already becoming the guy you want to root against the most, so I was happy that he struggled. The biggest event to come out of the Road Block was Denise helping James Earl a little too much. I don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen a penalty like this one before, but I have always wondered what the rules regarding helping your team member at a Road Block was. I feel like I’ve seen team members offer more vague help before, like “pay attention to the details!” or “read the instructions again!” or stuff like that. Apparently the fact that Denise was too specific, and that her advice actually helped James Earl succeed, they had to ding her for it.

The Detour this week was between Horse or Carriage. Horse was a little too similar to the Road Block for my taste. It was just another “look at an example and duplicate your item to look just like it”. The carriage one was fine, but neither of them was very flashy or interesting to watch. A couple teams left some stuff behind, but the excitement ended there.

The whole episode lacked excitement, though, because the dancers were in dead last for the entire episode. They never even got close to any teams! They weren’t on the same bus, they were never at the same challenge, and they never even seemed close. They tried to edit it together at the end, but it was a foregone conclusion. They seemed like good kids, but I never thought they had a chance of going that far. On to the next one!

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Random Thoughts:

– I really wanted to see Diana’s reaction to seeing Justin dancing with that local girl! The camera cut away right when she saw him!

– It looked like Tanner and Josh weren’t standing on the pit stop mat when Justin and Diana arrived! I guess they stepped on it before they got there.

– Man, there are a lot of stray dogs in Argentina! They were so beautiful, too! Usually when you see stray dogs in the states they’re all messed up.