Haven “New World Order” & “Power” Review (Season 5 Part 2)

Haven - Season 5

The return of Haven is bittersweet, because it is the show’s final season. While there is always hope that some other network or platform will swoop in to save the day, the chances of a last minute reprieve are slim. Haven is an interesting, charming, fun, and creative show. All we can do at this point is sit back and enjoy the remaining episodes.

The season opened with a double episode that didn’t disappoint. Mara is gone, but her mother remains stuck in Haven, which creates some interesting family drama for Audrey. The Troubles have spiraled out of control. Duke’s Trouble explosion at the end of last season caused the dangerous affliction to reign down on most of Haven’s residents. A mysterious fog, reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Mist, has sealed off even the route out of town. All of that is bad enough, but the Croatoan killer of Dave’s visions is also on the loose somewhere.

The volatile situation of the town pushes our main characters to their limits. Dwight immediately clamps down with Martial law, abandoning his post as the chief of police and taking back up with the Guard. This is a bummer because it immediately drives a wedge between Dwight and Nathan, Audrey, and Duke. Not that Duke cares much, since he’s decided that he should flee Haven. Since we don’t have that many episode yet, I hope that Duke doesn’t stay away too long. But, I have a suspicion that our group is going to be blown apart so that they can come back together in the end.

While the rest of the town is coping with the Troubles, Dave and Vince are trying to unravel the meaning behind Dave’s visions. There is something coming, and it must have a connection with the realm on the other side of the thinny. Speaking of Mara’s home world, I am really anxious to see what if anything they will show us of this place. I also feel like we need some sort of resolution of the William storyline where he finds out Mara is gone.

One thing I am apprehensive about in this final season is Audrey. I remember Audrey from the beginning of the series—she was assertive and confident. She seems like a shell of her former self. I’d like to see her set aside her newly developed meekness and start kicking some ass again. That means putting Dwight in his place and telling Duke to stop the pity party.

We’ve got a lot coming up this season, including a guest star appearance from William Shatner. I’m curious about his character and whether he’s going to fit into the bigger mythos of Haven or if he’s going to be one of the Troubled. We need a lot of answers and don’t have a lot of episodes left to get them, so hopefully the pace moves quickly.

Ultimately, it’s going to be sad to see Haven go. Hopefully, the end of the show will give fans closure on Duke’s future, Nathan and Audrey’s relationship, and allow Haven to regain a sense of normalcy. That place has had more gas leaks than any town should ever have.