Bones “The Brother In The Basement” Review (Season 11 Episode 1-2)


Dr. Brennan is back! Yes, we knew Booth and Bones would ultimately get sucked back in to life at the Jeffersonian. But few would have guessed it would be Booth at the center of an investigation – as a victim – that would reunite the gang.

Brennan is clearly a dedicated and loyal scientist when she is told by Agent Miller that the Jeffersonian isn’t the only lab in town and now that she is gone, it also isn’t the best. This one line seems to resonate with her, and on one awesome scene she declares that it is now that she is back to figure out where Booth is, who killed Jarrod and what the deal is behind a missing Agent Miller Jim Bannerman and his dead fiancé Chloe Robertson. The one downfall of Brennan’s return – Vaziri was in the running to step up.

The Brother In The Basement

There was plenty of twists and turns to this case; bloody cut off fingers, a scorched van, and missing Agent Bannerman. Looking and acting more and more confident since his arrival in the beginning of season 10, Aubrey suspects that Chloe was being blackmailed via her fiancé Bannerman, who downloaded the list of embedded FBI agents right before he went missing. While the gang dealt with this lead, Booth managed to cauterize his own wounds and keep himself alive in the basement where he was being held.

The Pros & Cons of This Season’s 2-Part Opener
-Booth and Brennan are back where they belong.. at the Jeffersonian.

-Vaziri and Saroyan end up splitting. While this opens the door for a new addition to the Jeffersonian team, Vaziri was just beginning to grow on me.

-All of this drama and hardship has really made Brennan into one strong and loveable leading lady. Watching her take control and twist Metzinger’s hand was so Booth of her!

-The death of Jarrod Booth. Jarrod’s death closed the door to any possibility of seeing the brother’s together.