Survivor “We Got a Rat” Review (Season 31 Episode 3)

Survivor "We Got A Rat" Season 31 Episode 3 (2)

With a dejected and defeated Shirin being sent home for the second time last week, Spencer returned to the Ta Keo camp a changed man in “We Got a Rat”. So Wednesday’s Survivor kicked off with Spencer making a quick speech to his tribe promising that he’d be a changed man going forward, and that he wasn’t going to be scramblin’ and strategizin’ anymore!

However, luckily for Spencer, it doesn’t really matter much what type of changes he makes and doesn’t make, because we had a super early merge. Like, really early. Is this the earliest tribe swap in Survivor history? Episode 3 has got to be some kind of record. Not only are they just switching some teams around, but they’re going from two teams to three!

Ironically, it seems like Spencer really has made some changes! Part of me was proud of him that he seemed to be trying to play a more emotional and social game, when he opened up to Jeremy about his girlfriend and all, but I feel like it really might be just being more open about personal stuff as a strategy. It isn’t like a strategic game and a social game can be mutually exclusive. Somebody can use a social game as a strategy to get closer to other people.

There was a lot of focus on Spencer’s tribe tonight. Not only is he quite possibly the biggest focus out of all the players, but then we got to the strange montage of the entire Bayon tribe looking for an idol! At the same time! Remember when Stephen was looking for one just a couple weeks ago and his tribe freaked out?! It really shows a lack of trust in your teammates if anybody is looking that desperate, but apparently nobody cared about that this time. It also really bugged me that everybody, especially Stephen, felt so entitled to the clue. He just kept saying that it should be near a conspicuous rock or tree. Why does it have to be conspicuous? Why can’t we go back to the day when the idols were all buried in the middle of the beach and you needed a clue to have any chance of finding it?

I thought my frustration with the easy-to-get idols had gone away now that they were being hidden at challenges, but that wasn’t the case today. Jeremy ends up finding the clue under a bunch of leaves (ugh), and the idol ended up being much easier to grab than it was in week one. During Kelly’s challenge she had to double back with nine other people on her tribe to grab it, but Jeremy just had to get it done while the rest of his team was already looking up and then he just stood back up to unlock the chest. Lame.

It was no surprise that the new Angkor tribe was the one sent to tribal tonight. Usually the Survivor editors aren’t so obvious with their editing choices, but that was definitely the case tonight. The Ta Keo members kept talking about how unstoppable they were, and lo and behold, they dominated in the challenge. The Angkor members did nothing but complain and sit in the rain and they were the ones sent to tribal.

The editing was not so clear with who was sent home, though. I did not see Peih-Gee being sent home now, and then CBS gave us the #Blindside hashtag all proudly. On one hand I was annoyed that we had basically zero indication that she would go home, but on the other hand I did enjoy being surprised. Good job, CBS!

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Random Thoughts:

I really wish they didn’t show the merge on the “next time on” scenes. It would be a great surprise if we showed up and found out about the early tribe swap.

Was anybody else concerned about Varner putting a wet piece of cloth on his face while he took a nap? Isn’t that basically waterboarding yourself in your sleep?

– It’s pretty rare that nobody spells the name correctly on the voting slip, but that was the case tonight for poor Peih-Gee.