Criminal Minds “The Witness” Review (Season 11 Episode 2)

Criminal Minds "The Witness" Season 11 Episode 2 (2)

Criminal Minds returned Wednesday with “The Witness”, as the team returns to Los Angeles to investigate a poison gas attack on a city bus. I’m not sure why the BAU is called out to deal with a killing like this, though. Any attack like this would immediately raise concerns of terrorism and there would be all kinds of other teams and agencies there, so it was a little goofy that five people from the FBI that specialize in profiling serial killers were sent instead. I guess that’s just something you have to accept on a show like this.

Well, whatever. They rush off to the plane and are whisked off to the city of angels, where we meet poor Charles Senarek. Criminal Minds episodes fall into two categories: A whodunit where we don’t know who the Unsub is until the end, or an Unsub-centric episode where we see them at the very beginning and we see the story from their point of view the whole time. I’ve always much preferred the Unsub-centric installments, so I was very excited to meet Mr. Senarek.

Of course Charlie wasn’t really the bad guy this whole time, but he did do a great job as the put-upon patsy who was being forced to do a bunch of terrible things. I was getting a little annoyed by his wife, though. It was a little rich for her to be so upset at Charlie for still being angry about being cheated on, feeling like she was being “punished” the whole time. Um…you were the one that cheated on him! He’s trying to keep the marriage intact by paying for marriage counseling with you! Give the guy a break! I’m not saying it makes it OK to do what he did, but I definitely felt bad for Charlie. I’m not sure if we were supposed to feel bad for his wife at all, but I definitely did not.

I still feel like Aisha Tyler doesn’t quite fit in the group yet. I know it’s only been two episodes, but she’s really just…there. Her background as a psychiatrist to serial killers really doesn’t do much to differentiate her other than just give her a couple neat anecdotes to share with the group every now and then. When I heard that Tyler was hired for the part I had assumed that they would be utilizing her considerable comedic talents for the role, but apparently that’s not their priority. Heck, I feel like even Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character was much more affable than Aisha is here. I’m hoping she starts to get a little more comfortable with the group soon., and that her character opens up a bit more.

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Random Thoughts:

– Our unsub Charles Senarek lives in Simi Valley. That’s where I live. In fact, I’m there as I type this! Whoa!

– Does the team rehearse their profile deliverance beforehand? They always know when to start and stop talking, and then Hotch always is the one to get the last word and thank the crowd.

– I like that they include the social media posts of Unsubs and suspects. Finally getting with the times!