Switched at Birth “To the Victor Belong the Spoils” Review (Season 4, Episode 17)

To the Victor

The past came back to haunt the Kennish and Vasquez families on Switched at Birth on Monday night’s new episode on ABC Family.

• Bay’s “Hammer Girl” artwork was being used by Aidan McManus, a money-grubby college student, who created sleazy shirts for girls;

The pinnacle of her artwork to date (created four years ago and introduced in the pilot episode), Bay was extremely upset; but since she had no legal leg to stand on, she was – in a word – “screwed”.

Kudos to her for coming up with the idea to “rat” on Aidan to his mother. It may have been a child-like move, but it certainly made a difference because Bay caught Aidan on video at his own game, causing his site to be closed.

I have to agree with Bay’s stance that the shirts were denigrating to young women; but I have to wonder if that will be the end of it. As I said earlier, this incident could eventually come back to haunt Bay someday.

• Daphne is still talking to Quinn (the guy who kissed her in Mexico);

While Daphne came clean with Mingo about the kiss (it may not have meant anything to her, but we all know that it meant a lot more to him), she kept her video chats with Quinn a secret until she had no choice to reveal that truth to her boyfriend.

Once again, that secret – and the fact that she is texted him (why didn’t she just tell Mingo everything!) – are going to come back to haunt Daphne; and I doubt that Mingo is going to keep forgiving her and letting it go. And, quite honestly, I’m not going to blame him.

• Eric learned about Regina’s trip to Atlanta to see his ex-wife in person;

Sure, Regina needed to know the truth about Hope – was she really as bad as Eric described? – before she took the next step in their relationship. Sadly, she went about it in the absolute worst way possible; and now that Eric knows the truth, her bad judgment will come back to haunt her continually. I cannot imagine that Eric is going to get over this any time soon.

• Julian, the college teacher who Lily had “a thing” for is seemingly back in the picture;

While Lily never acted on the feelings she started having for her colleague Julian (thanks to her unexpected pregnancy with Toby), Toby can’t seem to get over his reservations about the guy. Jealousy runs in all forms, but thankfully the couple had an albeit short heart-to-heart, making a decision to move to London.

That decision will undoubtedly please Lily’s family, but it is going to up-end the Kennish family, who made wonderful offers to try to entice Lily to stay in town.

• Emmett wants to submit his short film loosely based on his relationship with Bay to a short film festival

It was because of that short film that started the downfall in Bay and Emmett’s relationship, but unlike everything else in Monday night’s episode, this may be the only thing that doesn’t come back to haunt either of them. In fact, it may just give Emmett his big break.

What did you think of the episode? How about that bull-riding competition: Daphne doing better than Mingo? Too funny! Travis still keeping his feelings hidden from Bay: not a good idea (especially in light of the clips for next week’s episode). Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

The next new episode of the fourth season of ‘Switched at Birth’ will air on ABC Family on Monday, October 12 at 8/7c.

Katie Leclerc as Daphne Vasquez
Vanessa Marano as Bay Kennish
Sean Berdy as Emmett Bledsoe
Lucas Grabeel as Toby Kennish
Constance Marie as Regina Vasquez
Lea Thompson as Katheryn Kennish
D. W. Moffatt as John Kennish

Guest stars:
Justin Castor as Aidan McManus
Rachel Shenton as Lily Summers
Adam Hagenbuch as Mingo
Ryan Lane as Travis Barnes
Terrell Tilford as Eric Bishop
Dan J. Johnson as Quinn
Russell Harvard as Julian