iZombie “Grumpy Old Liv” Review (Season 2 Episode 1)

Though iZombie initially seemed like a Rob Thomas show aimed at filling the Veronica Mars-sized hole in all our hearts, it quickly distinguished itself as a unique, quirky mystery series all its own. And though it still offers plenty for long-time marshmallows to enjoy, “Grumpy Old Liv” the story of Liv Moore has become one that’s easy to recommend to anyone who enjoys zombies, murder mysteries, or a well-honed sarcastic quip.

What was instantly impressive about this premiere is that despite how down and out Liv was following the end of last season, the show was still able to slip back into its joyous, lighthearted tone pretty quickly. And it’s been a rough time for Liv, with pretty much everyone outside of Ravi mad at her. At the very least, we learned Liv’s brother was still alive, though understandably upset given his sister’s refusal to help save his life.

Hopefully, Liv will be able to work things out with her friends and family before too long, given just how overwhelmingly downbeat her life is at the moment. Of course, things often get worse before they get better, and this episode introduced several new threats to Liv’s world, even if she’s not fully aware of them.

For one, the now-human Blaine is as villainous as ever, his new funeral home business serving as cover for some new scheme involving Seattle’s undead population. Add to that his newfound zombie sense, a side effect of the cure, and there’s no telling how dangerous he’ll be going forward. Ditto that for Major, who finds himself blackmailed into serving as Max Rager’s top zombie hunter due to a mix of blackmail and his still-lingering feelings for Liv herself.

And if the ongoing plot doesn’t matter as much to you, this episode still gave us a fun case-of-the-week, with Liv eating an angry old man’s brain and being left a cantankerous, slightly racist version of herself. One of the top draws for the series remains Rose McIver’s ability to play Liv as so many different types of characters, and the premiere gave us one of her most entertaining personas yet. Here’s hoping she’ll soon get a brain that’ll help her see all the growing threats circling her world.

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