Scorpion “Fish Fillet” Review (Season 2 Episode 3)

Scorpion Fish Filet Season 2 Episode 3 (1)

On the latest episode of “Scorpion,” it was all eyes on Sly, as he went undercover at a prison and tried his best not to become “Fish Fillet.” You know, of all the characters the show focuses on from time to time, I think I like the Sylvester-themed ones the best. Of all the characters, he seems the most down-to-earth and vulnerable, and there’s just something about him that really makes one want to root for him.

Not that the others aren’t likeable in their own way, it’s just that they are much more tough on the surface. Walter can often come off as a tad disaffected and emotionless-though he’s clearly working on it, and feels more deeply than he lets on. Toby is all talk and brash demeanor, yet he’s clearly pining helplessly for Happy, though he has a rough time admitting it, and, as we saw over the last few weeks, he can be pretty useless when left to his own devices. Meanwhile, there’s Happy, who’s ironic name can’t hide the fact that she’s almost always angry at the world around her, with a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas.

Even Paige is tougher than you might think, having had to be while raising a genius child alone, more or less. She might be pretty on the outside, but she’s not one to back down from a challenge. Finally, there’s Cabe, who has a good heart underneath all the bluster, but is a die-hard military-trained man to his very core. We’ve seen all of the above at their most vulnerable over the last season and the beginning of this one, but all tend to put on a brave front, more often than not. But not Sly.

No, Sly has a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve, so when he occasionally mans up and toughs something out, you really feel a sense of accomplishment in a bigger way than with the others. I think it’s in part because of his many phobias and worries and the like, but it’s also because he just plain feels more deeply than the others, you know? He’s not the sort of person to take anything lightly, which is, of course, exactly how the team is able to manipulate him constantly to make him do things he wouldn’t ordinarily do. Indeed, things he’d go out of his way to avoid doing.

I’m not sure he’s had a bigger challenge than the one he faced this week, when he not only had to pose as a hardened criminal and do it convincingly enough to fool real ones, but even go so far as to pick a fight with the baddest brother in the joint, no less. His trash talk to goad said prisoner was priceless: “What, are you ugly and deaf…like yo mama?” Lol. Yeah, that delivery was hilarious and about the least credible threat I’ve ever heard. If he hadn’t grabbed that guy’s bandana and blown his nose on it, I’m not sure even the guy in question wouldn’t have laughed him off, so unbelievable was his taunting.

And yet, later on, during the team’s rescue mission, when the guy in question attacked Sly, damned if he didn’t rise to the occasion, not only breaking the guy’s fingers, but even going so far as to grab him and slam his head into the bars, knocking him out. I certainly hope for Sly’s sake that guy never gets out of prison, though, because I can’t imagine Sly would fare well mano-a-mano, to say the least.

It also took guts to go back into the prison after he was home-free in the first place, so good on Sly for rising to the occasion in general all around. I don’t know how realistic it was Sly memorizing all that stuff and decoding names from the pages while on the run and all that chaos going on around him, but I suppose that’s TV for you there. It may have stretched credibility, but at the same time, damned if actor Ari Stidham didn’t sell it. Hell, he even made it plausible that telling Megan he loved her was more intimidating than everything that came before it. (But how adorable was his “dance of the egret” or what have you? Now that is a gif just waiting to happen right there.)

Scorpion Fish Filet Season 2 Episode 3 (3)

Beyond that, there was some mildly amusing shenanigans with Walter and new “friend” Ray (Kevin Weisman, “Alias”), who assisted the team with some dubious machinations involving getting some drugs to Sly on the sly, which was a little hard to swallow, if you’ll pardon the pun, but so is a lot of what goes on in this show, so we’ll let that slide. The important thing is that the show knows how to sell it so that even the most ridiculous of plot devices and ad-hoc “MacGyver”-style devices seem within the realm of possibility whether they are or not. Of course, unless you’re a genius yourself and can make heads or tails of any of this stuff, which I am not, who am I to say it isn’t doable, at least some of the time, however far-fetched?

Also, Director Molina finally showed her true colors in opting to let Sly take his chances and risk getting killed in prison, rather than work overtime to get him out, like she should have. This did not sit well with the team, especially Cabe, who let her know in no uncertain terms that they were done helping further her own personal agenda. That’s too bad, as it seemed like, despite being a bit of a credit hog, she was at least on their side.

Note that she did speak up and insist on her plane guy waiting to get her team out in the last episode, albeit she had the stakes of getting the names of some of the most wanted war criminals on the line, so there was that, too. I suppose if there’s nothing in it for her, she’s not interested, which is unfortunate, because team Scorpion is a good one to have on your side when the chips are down. They might not look like much at first glance, but they get the job done, one and all.

So, all in all, this was a fun one, and a must for Sly fans. It almost makes you wish all episodes could be Sly episodes, but I suppose then we wouldn’t appreciate them as much. Whatever the case, I certainly appreciated it, and had a lot of fun watching it. Well done, “Scorpion.” Keep up the good work- and keep those Sly-themed episodes coming.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Scorpion”? Do you also enjoy the Sly episodes? Who is your favorite character? Who would you like to see get highlighted next? Or do you prefer the episodes that are more evenly distributed amongst the team? Any potential plotlines you’d like to see the team tackle next? Will the team ever find an ally in the government that really is on their side? Sound off down below and see you next week!