NCIS: LA “Driving Miss Diaz” Review (Season 7, Episode 3)

NCIS: Los Angeles Driving Miss Diaz Season 7 Episode 3 (1)

Like last week’s “Citadel,” “Driving Miss Diaz” brought back a character we have seen before. Alex Elmslie was given less focus than Talia Del Campo, but his quest to bring General Silva of Peru to justice for a massacre 20 years prior jump started the events of the episode. That being said, it still made for a very lighthearted NCIS: LA. Again, these types of outings aren’t my favorite because I think the cast is capable of more.

At the same time, with everything that was given, I ended up enjoying the episode more as it went along. And having the focus be on a person versus a piece of stolen technology helped. Catalina Diaz is the first major role for actress Arienne Mandi, and although everything came off a bit forced to start with, she ended up sliding comfortably into the role of a girl who is much stronger than meets the eye. Her being a model also allowed for the hilarious interactions between Kensi, Deeks, and most notably, Hetty. The stakes were low, but everyone was in fine form and acquitted themselves well.

More Thoughts as I Hang By Crafty

– I can buy a lot of unbelievable things on procedurals, but a model eating FRIES before a major photo shoot is not one of them. Nope.

– If Catalina Sandino Moreno ever needs a younger sister in a future project, Arienne Mandi definitely has the similar look down.

– I need Hetty’s gun contraption thing to hide up my sleeve. How very Edna Mode.

– The whole photo shoot aspect was actually a lot of fun and not as bad as I imagined it would be. The comedy was played just right while allowing the important entrance of Gabriel.

– Speaking of Gabriel, I was finally sold on Mandi as Catalina over her interactions with him.

– Callen cut his hair. Cue sad face.

– Hey Deeks, is your mom going to show up again any time soon?