Castle “PHDead” Review (Season 8 Episode 3)

Castle PHDead

The new showrunners (Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter) behind Castle have really started season 8 off with a bang. The show seems to have gotten its signature groove back now that Rick and Kate are taking a time out. Alexis joining Castle’s PI business has also helped change things up, as well as Esposito and Ryan being stuck in the middle of the lovebirds like torn children in a messy divorce.

This week’s case brought Halloween early to the ABC to the drama. But instead of getting ready for the holiday with a crazy costume, Castle rolled out of bed sad and distraught without Beckett by his side. He does have Lucy! His new home operating system that also thinks it sucks that Castle is trying to get his wife back. Alexis’ idea about 30-minute puppies and a gift basket was a nice touch.

After a prisoner shows up in his orange jumpsuit dead, after being impaled by a tree branch (gross!), Castle gets a leg up on the investigation when he figures out the prisoner is actually a college student, much to Kate’s dismay. To learn more, Castle goes undercover as a professor at the college where the victim attended. Again, beating Kate to the punch, she finds him yucking it up with the faculty looking like Clark Kent – thanks to his glasses. The worn out blazer with elbow patches was also great!

Castle does seem to beat Beckett and the boys every step of the way as they race to find the killer, but not without making a few questionable decisions; allowing Alexis to pose as a slutty angel! Playing beer pong with his students may not have been a good idea. Or leaving Alexis with the bad guys while he hauls the main purp in! His plan to impress Kate did seem to work for the most part. Just not enough to get Kate back yet.