POLL: What is Your Favorite Method of Catching Up Before the New Season Premiere?

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So is it, “Yay, the new TV season is upon us”! Or, “OMG, the new TV season is upon us”! Happy or overwhelmed, the new TV season will not be stopped. New shows have been popping up like weeds in driveway cracks, and the pace only gets faster as we enter into October!

With a new season comes new story lines. But sometimes story lines are carried over from past seasons. In particular, many shows like to end a season on a cliffhanger. When that happens, how it becomes necessary to refresh our memory with what led us to where we are now starting out.

It would be easy to ascribe my forgetfulness about the past season of a program to getting older, but the reality is probably closer to the fact there are so many shows I follow it is just literally impossible to keep it all in my brain!

Here are some of the methods used to refresh my memory before a new season premieres… or sometimes after it premieres if I find myself watching the premiere and going, “what”?

Read on the Internet

izombie Blaines World 10

I think we can all agree that the internet is a great invention. To catch up on any show all you need to do is search for it in your browser. Now, this will bring up videos as well as written summaries, and for this section I will focus on reading. I have found from experience that just about every popular show has something on Wikipedia, and sometimes even a separate wiki site dedicated to the show.

In addition, there are many other sites that provide summaries, usually written by fans, of most TV shows. Now, the one caveat I will put on this is that not all shows have summaries for all episodes. But, with some creative searching, you can usually come up with enough to refresh your memory of the most recent season of any TV show.

Recently I found myself desperately searching for summaries of iZombie from the first season after reading an article about the upcoming season which premieres October 6. It took a little while, but I finally found out how Blaine had been cured of being a zombie.

Binge Watch the Previous Season or More

The Walking Dead Remember Season 5 Episode 12 01

Perhaps you are more visual and prefer videos to reading. Well, you are in luck, because just about everything ever broadcast is available online. Now it is not all free, but it is there!

The downside to this method is that if you watch several shows, unless you do not work or have any other life obligations, it can be nearly impossible to do this for all your programs. It works well for maybe a couple of shows max, unless you are able to plan ahead and maybe spend your summer bingeing.

Some networks even make it easier for you to binge and will show marathons of their most popular programs. AMC likes to do this for The Walking Dead. The new season will not premiere until October 11 but before the spinoff series, Fear the Walking Dead premiered at the end of August, they ran a weekend marathon of all The Walking Dead episodes ever shown!

Rely on the “Previously On…”

ncis los angeles season finale 2015

Most programs seem to recognize that we all need a little help remembering what happened before, especially after a hiatus of three months or more. So, we see on a regular basis a program episode beginning with a “previously on…” summary of past events, especially if the program ended on a cliffhanger.

Interestingly, and actually very helpful, the events shows are not necessarily from the most recent episode, but can be carefully chosen to show events especially relevant to the upcoming episode. This is especially important on shows of a more serialized nature. The first episode of NCIS: Los Angeles offered a helpful “previously on…” before the premiere last week, and it really helped a lot!

Only Watch Shows Where it Does Not Matter

The Big Bang Theory The Graduation Transmission Season 8 Episode 22 06

Of course, not all shows are heavily into continuity. Some shows are more episodic than others. For these shows, each episode is for the most part self contained. The story in it starts, has a middle and concludes all within the time slot allocated for the program.

It is important to note that some shows are actually a hybrid of serialized and episodic. Programs such as The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family are for the most part episodic in that if you miss an episode you are not totally lost, but there are some ongoing story lines that do get carried from one episode to the next.

Remember Everything, No Need to Get Caught Up

Scorpion 3

Maybe you do not have time to binge watch or read about your favorite show to catch up. So, you just jump off the deep end and watch the new episode, relying on your memory to get you back in the groove. I admire those of you with such good memories… or maybe envy is a better word! If you are one of these people, please help out people with bad memories and do not shut down their questions during the program. It is the least you can do!

Last week, Scorpion chose to begin their second season with no “previously on…” and rather integrated past happenings into the dialogue. This left me feeling a bit lost; as I had totally forgotten about what happened in the final episode of season one. I could have used one of you people with the stellar memory when I was watching that premiere episode!

More Than One of These Applies to Me!


Perhaps you find that one way does not always work for you, so you employ more than one of these methods! If so, then please vote in this category.


What do I do? Well, as I think you likely figured out, I use multiple methods to catch up or remember.

Now it is your turn to vote. Please select your method below, and then tell me about it in the comments section at the end of bottom. I would also love to hear if you have another method you use – I am always looking for new ways to stay current on my shows!