Gotham “The Last Laugh” Review (Season 2 Episode 3)

Gotham The Last Laugh Season 2 Episode 3 (1)

Well, I certainly didn’t see that coming! On the latest episode of “Gotham,” all hell broke loose at a charity event, and things took a turn for the unexpected, thanks to Theo Galavan, who took the opportunity to put himself front and center under the spotlight, in the aptly-titled “The Last Laugh.”

The crazy thing is, Theo’s actions seemed relatively docile when, I don’t know, compared to nearly everyone else’s. I mean, we started out the show with Jim Gordon, who’s supposed to be the good guy, picking people up with the help of Bullock, and literally tossing them out windows- even the one who actually talked!

I’m not talking about tossing them out an open window, either, mind you. I’m talking they tossed them into a closed window, they crashed through it and plummeted several stories into a trash heap, which I’m not entirely sure Gordon and Bullock even knew was there in the first place. In short, Gordon is clearly out of f*cks to give, post-the death of Essen and nine cops, and it’s something to see.

After all, this is the guy who was thoroughly by-the-book early on in the series. He might have had a temper and the occasional violent outburst, but his current behavior is completely off the hook altogether. This second season of “Gotham,” in fact, is just completely mental, in the best of ways. I honestly don’t’ know if they’ll be able to keep it up, but it should be fun watching them try.

That said, they clearly are going to have to import some new villains because the current ones are dropping like flies. I mean, did anyone really see them killing off Jerome, who by all accounts, was supposed to be the Joker-in-the-making of the show? As if that weren’t crazy enough, it seems as if his death has caused a host of unstable people to go even crazier in the process. “Your legacy will be death and madness,” indeed. Who knew Jerome’s dad meant that literally?

Suddenly those theories that Barbara might actually be the Joker-in-training don’t seem as crazy as they once were. I mean, as my loyal readers know, I was pulling for a TV-style version of the “Suicide Squad,” with Barbara assuming the mantle of the much-beloved fan-boy (and fan-girl, for that matter) favorite Harley Quinn. But now…who the hell knows? She could be anybody at this point. Hell, she could end up dead by the end of the next episode, for all I know. (If she keeps playing brother and sister against one another, she will be sooner than later.)

Speaking of which, just what the hell is going on between those two? I mean, they are brother and sister, right? At one point, the deputy Mayor asked Theo for something interesting about him, and Tabitha said “He’s a monster in the sack.” What the what? I mean, sure she could be joking- let’s hope she was joking- but something about the way she said it made me think she wasn’t necessarily.

Gotham The Last Laugh Season 2 Episode 3 (3)

The 60’s era “Batman” this is clearly not, between the implied incest; knives in the eye, throat and chest; the S&M-themed antics of Tabitha “Tigress” Galavan and Barbara Keane; and the supposed hero of the show chucking folks out unopened windows. I’m not even sure who we’re supposed to be rooting for at this point, honestly. When Theo starts to sound like the voice of reason here…you know things have gone completely sideways. Maybe this is, like, Bizarro Batman world. Is that a thing? It may be now, at the rate they’re going.

I mean, even though you know they’re not going to kill Bruce Wayne, I gotta say, when Jerome put him in that magical contraption, I halfway thought they might. Or at least maim him a bit, you know? The show has gotten that crazy by this point. Maybe there’s an unknown twin out there or something, who knows? Obviously, there’s got to be a new Joker eventually, so why not more than one Bruce? Yes, I know, crazy talk, but did you really think they were going to off Jerome this early on in the season? To say that was unexpected is putting it mildly.

Okay, so Bruce is likely safe, obviously, and probably Jim Gordon as well, but you gotta wonder if anyone else really is. If I were Lee, Bullock, Barbara, Tabitha, Alfred, or anyone else not a main baddie, i.e. Theo, Penguin and Ed Nygma, aka the future Riddler (I think- who knows at this point?)- I’d be watching my back and maybe looking into lining another gig up sooner than later if I were one of those actors. Hell, even Theo might go down before the end of the season, if he keeps up what he’s doing. It really does feel like nearly anyone could go at any given time, and that’s pretty exciting, I must say. Well played, “Gotham.”

I also have enjoyed the writing more as of late, as well. I liked it when Bullock walked in on Gordon and Lee making out, just after he gave an impassioned speech about avenging Essen and he was like “Not to interrupt your weirdly-timed make-out session, but…” or when Gordon called Jerome a “son of a bitch” and he said, without missing a beat, “True, but beside the point.” And then there was the scene where Penguin was watching Jerome’s antics, which were broadcast live on TV (!) and was like: “Perhaps I could use a new laugh.” Lol. Good stuff.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it’s Shakespeare or anything, but there have been some clever exchanges on the show as of late, and they’re pretty funny to boot. The plotting is admittedly all over the place, but still fun and unpredictable, so you can forgive the lapses in judgment or logic here and there and well, everywhere. When all is said and done, this is just fun TV, regardless of how substantial it may or may not be. You know, it’s too silly to be Nolan’s “Batman” and too dark to be the 60’s one, but it’s not quite as fantastical and out-there as Burton’s take, either. It’s its own thing, really, which is pretty cool, and as it should be, IMHO.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Gotham”? Were you also taken aback by the abrupt, somewhat out-of-nowhere death of Jerome? Is the “real” Joker still to come? (Surely, it is, right?) Could it actually be Barbara, as some have posited? Or is there still a possibility she could be Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad is also still to come? Who the hell is Theo Galavan, really? What will he get up to next, now that he’s started to make a name for himself in earnest? Make your predictions below, and good luck with that, because I, for one, have no idea where all this is headed.